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108 new AIDS cases in St Vincent and the Grenadines for 2004.In all a total of over seven hundred for an island with a population of little over 105,000.They say that all known cases should be multiplied by ten to get a better idea of what the true picture is.So roughly we have about seven thousand cases,which is highly alarming.At this rate,in ten years time what will SVG workforce be like? Our scarce resources will have to go towards providing health care for all these sick people.I don't know how we are going to do it

All these new cases suggest to me that the education drive is not achieving its desired results.Yes,I still hear people saying that they are not going to use any condoms.Makes me wonder what else the Health Personnel can do to arrest the growth.Seeing that HIV/AIDS is termed a lifestyle disease each person has a responsibility to look inwards and make the necessary changes.

In the meantime,I fear for my generation and the ones that are to come.

mek sure ya keep yaself protected girl cause ya cant look at nobody an tell if dem have it or not
Serious bizniz, Kami, an' it's worse when yu consider that de less de gov't spends on social services, de less informed an' properly socialized those most at risk will be = more ignorance an' more AIDS cases. People who don't want to use condoms don't value themselves, they're willin' to die just so--an' worse they're willin' to kill other people, 'cause some ov them get so vengeful after they become ill. Stay safe girl, they say rape cases an' other violence against women increases as de AIDS rate increases in any country.
Ditto from Jamaica Kami. Our education campaign seems to not be aking much impact at all. I just have to make my two teens aware of what is going on and educate them myself. Other parents need to do likewise. Each one reach one.
Something people don't talk about much -- you can have sex without a condom if you just get yourself and your partner tested for HIV and other STDs, and then make sure neither of you mess around with other people. I'm not talking about "wait until marriage" or anything like that, but it is a way to behave responsibly without using condoms. Still, it requires that you truly trust your partner to be faithful, and you still need to do something to prevent pregnancy.

Anyway, good for you for educating yourself on HIV/AIDS and speaking to others about it.

Brad...That is a real leap of faith to completely trust anyone.One my friends has this theory that says the persons in relationship are the ones most of risk because of the complacency factor.
Ahh Kami, HIV/AIDS is a serious problem. Actually, they say its married women that are at the highest risk...this cause most won't use a condom when they are having sex with hubby. I know some wives who live by the 'no glove, no love' thing though.

We gotta educate everybody. I'm a disciple for the contraceptives and use of condoms. I try my best to educate as much as possible when I get the chance. Dr. D.
Doc,now I think of it married people could really be at risk.I don't believe a lot of them use condoms probably because they don't think to need to.But,if you know your spouse has other partners then it would be stupid not to.
Dropping a praise to you for spreading awareness. IT IS IMPORTANT for ourselves and our future.
Throughout my site i have several post speaking on HIV. The latest one promoting the ABC approach.
Mo,what's the ABC approach? Will drop by to check out your site
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