Monday, February 14, 2005


Happy Valentine's Day Blog Crew

In keeping with the occasion am going to give out some gifts.Not sure how many of you may have issues with the day.But,in my view any day that celebrates love is all
good.So here goes!

For Madbull(Christina Milian)

For Dr D and Jdid.Y'all can share:)


Scratchie(Dunno who is your dream girl,so am going with your hobby)

Nahmix(Steve Harris)

Dekkah(Wesley Snipes)

Soli(Mr Terrel Owens)

Angry(Roselyn Sanchez)

Swags(Natalie Portman)

Campfyah,Yammie,Shana,Obi,Humanity Critic and all the others who pass by

Safe Love,y'all!

Thanks :)

But Natalie Portman is no longer my idol... After closer, I am not sure even if I will ever watch a movie where she acts :P
Am sure you will watch:)On the bright side Natalie was excellent in Closer.Shows that your girl got range:)
Aw, Kami! Fanks very much for de LL. He DOES look so Qt in that picture too! Happy Valentine's Day to you. (Ah unveiled Da Piggy today--ah guess that's mi gift to de bloggers, but yu know exactly what ah look like, so ah have to get yu another gift!:)
Thanks Abeni...dem chocolates look too nice, but yuh ginemek muh spend ah extra hr in de gym working duh off....

So what or who is in your Valentine goodie box?
Thanks Kami, I'll infringe on the other guys' gifts. Any of the ladies are fine. Plus,your photo is in the top left hand corner too. So I have lots of choices.
Have a great day.
Camp..Orlando Bloom would be just fine:)Scratchie,I was going to be forward and post my pic as your gift:)
yes sweetheart. happy valentine to you yeah. we alive so everyday is a reason to celebrate.
happy valentines kami.
Thanx much the effort and appreciate it. Yah ah luv me some negro menz...the full lips, nice ass, uhmnn lawd ham murci! But the pic reminded me of Mr. Snipes (lol.) I had forgotten that I used to like him for a while there but I guess he is a classic; always appropriate; always good.

Thanx Kami and Happy Valentine's Day to you too kiddo. I hope you have, on this day, all the love you can handle.
12 x @}-`--
Oh thanks so much girl!!!



At first, I was going to say she is too young for Mad Bull, but then again, maybe not!!
Thank you so much Abeni! You've certainly made a dog's tail wag quite a bit me some roselyn sanchez!!
oh well...I can just see a cat fight with me and Dekkah for cool dude Wesley Snipes (who you might have read that I met? No? well here is the url for my night with Wes....Wesley and YammieNow can I have him Dekkah????? (pretty please?)
Yammie,knowing Dekkah she not going to part with him.That is terrible that the picture never come out! Stu,MB likes pretty people so I hoping he won't mind:)

PS.Glad y'all like the gifts
Thank you so much. When can I have the actual man?
N.Hold tight,am working on having him delivered:)
I thought this post was really cute, it was really thoughtful, from the heart! Glad you guys are really close!
Thanks Kami...getting here late, so maybe JDid done tek her fah himself. :-( Dr. D.
I just saw this, thanks for the love sweetheart. But next year, do you think you can give me Rosario Dawson??..:)
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