Thursday, February 24, 2005


Child prodigy?

Last night I saw this story on Sixty Minutes 2 about a 4 yr old girl who supposedly is an art prodigy.This 4 year old does abstract paintings which according to art experts are very rare for child artists.Her paintings sell for upwards of 24 thousand,not a bad income for a 4 year old at all.Naturally she would be the subject of much attention from art experts and other such persons.But the claim that she is an art prodigy takes a fishy turn when her father(who happens to be a painter himself) claims that the child cannot paint if she is being observed.Apparently,the presence of people in the room makes her nervous.Anybody else getting suspicious as yet?

Anyway,the father decided to install a camera so the child can paint and satisfy the persons who thought she was not the one doing the work.More than likely he realised that persons were becoming more and more sceptical. The experts claim that the painting she did under surveillance is different from the others that were said to be hers.So hoax or child prodigy,what do you all think?

Big Big hoax dat nah
Mos Def a hoax. Poor kid...wiat rich she's only 4, the pops prolly just did some "touch ups" on her art good post mah
Who knows/ I will rather judge by the arts and say whether the arts are nice or not.
I tempted to say hoax. I woulda like see de paintings still....not my 24G though! Dr. D.
hoax lol. what about the one of the kid who got his uni degree (physics) at the age of six? these pushy parents eh?
hoax...but a smart one i guess. make that money daddy.
wuh kinda junjat is dis?....

stueps...i go put a chennette in a slingshot and hit it against a piece of papah and it go be better dan dat girl one
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