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To Tip or not to Tip

That was the subject of much debate at lunch yesterday.At the end of it only me and this guy thought that tipping was optional.Our basic argument was why should we pay some one extra for doing their job.Added to that the service in SVG and the Caribbean in general is pretty lousy so we have a hard time justifying it.Those who were pro tipping based their argument on it is good to reward people for service,its better to give than receive and you are helping to top up a low paid employee's salary.With respect to low wages it is true that service workers tend to be poorly paid but some persons will argue that they not paid well either in their jobs.Then some jobs forbid you from taking "tips" in any form.Not fair, is it?

One of my gripes is that some service workers think you are duty bound to tip them.If that is the case then they are duty bound to go beyond their call of duty when serving us.It is a two way thing or is supposed to be.Don't expect an automatic tip if your service is lousy.But I think it has become fashionable so most people just do it no matter the service.So do you all think it should be mandatory?

I agree with your views. I think tipping is a matter of choice. If you have provided good service then I will consider it. I have a problem going to restaurants and paying a service charge and then being expected to tip for service. Plus I think it sends the wrong message that you get tipped for lousy service.
It's included up hare in Canada if yuh gwan a restaurant with yuhself and 10 a yuh friend (a big group).
But if you dont want to leave tip, then don't. You know where it's silly to do so? at a buffet. IS YOU getting di food, why leave tip pon table? Fi di cleanah?

Anyway, a wha wrong with people inna di Caribbean, move so slow. I went to a bank in Spanish Town, JA with my mudda and aunty. Di people dem SLOW SLOW SLOW. And only one teller available while the others in the back chatting and probably playing dominoes. Vex yuh see! I couldn't live there. They'd probably call me white for wanting to be punctual and for wanting some GOOD SERVICE. Chuh man!
but how ya get suhcheap doah girl :-). try an gi the poor people a lil tip. lol

What I usually do is if te service is good I give a good tip if its bad then I consider not tipping or a really small tip. As I understand it though the pay in most resturants is so small that the workers really depend on tips to survive
De standard 15% tip is usually it for me, unless de service is deliberately bad. Some folk wouldn't tip if a server spilt soup on them. Not I. As long as I'm not hurt & it was purely accidental, ah let it slide; but deliberately bad service & rudeness gets not only NO tip from me, but a complaint to de manager.
Lol,Jdid am far from cheap.And even though I benefited from tips in my student days I still don't feel its a right.
doh tip dem lazy sons of bitches!!!

wuh dem does do??...dey done getting paid to brin u food!!!

not like de food free!!!!

anyway...is a nice gesture to tip eh...but stueps...u got millionaire write pon u bubbies?
The gratuity albeit customary in many areas, for those situations where not mandatory by policy (such as parties of 8 or more when stated on the menu) I feel is completely optional. 9.5 out of 10 times, most servers that I encounter deserve a gratuity of some sort. I agree that the ones who based on your own assessment did not earn a tip, does not make you "duty bound" to leave one.

I do empathize with the people in the service industry. In the US, most waitstaff do not make minimum wage. Instead they make less than half the minimum wage, relying on gratuities to supplement their income. All the more reason they need to earn it.
I'm in this industry, so hear my comments....

1. Most places usually automatically add a % service charge to the bill.
2. Where that is the case, I don't add anything else, unless I got EXCELLENT SERVICE....and you have to be really excellent when you serving me, cause I know what excellent service is.
3. Where no % service charge is added to the bill, I will give a standard 10%. As in point #2, I will give extra for excellent service.
4. Why give service charge? Well, that's just the nature of the industry, but it isn't mandatory. Also the structure of the industry makes gross profit really really small. You usually dont make a lot on food, because of pilfering, wastage etc. Those businesses therefore cant afford high wages to the staff, and so it is topped up by customers who want to pay for the 'experience' that the servers provide.

But please, dont accept mediocrity. As Abeni says, a lot of substandard service in the CAribbean, but on the other hand, there is a lot of excellent service as well. Keep dining until you find it!
Yammie,that's my whole point about the service being excellent.I never even knew about standard 10% etc. Actually I was wondering what is the "correct" amount to tip.Most times I have been anywhere and anybody left tips am not sure they used any ball park figure
over here in london tipping is a mixed bag. some places add a service charge of 12.5% on ur bill. you've gotta check first. though if the service is excellent you give em something extra. if it's bad I dont business. they aint getting nada.

I suppose there's an element of frontin' to the tip thing . kinda show you're a big man or some ish like that. like hip. whatever.
True,Obi.Nuff frontin involved
Over here in the East, tipping can be considered an insult. But in Canada, I've walked out of restaurants many times without tipping and angry at my co-workers for tipping someone who gave me bad service (it was always me...not them getting bad service). If however, the service is good, I'd leave a huge tip.
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