Monday, January 10, 2005


Tales from School

A 14 yr old fourth former is 6 months pregnant by her uncle.A 15 year old girl was raped by her father.Both cases are with the Family Court and the details are just sickening to hear.Some people say it has been happening since the world began as if that makes it any more palatable.

I guess I should be happy the cases got to the Family Court because the tendency is to keep silent.It seems nobody likes to air their dirty linen publicly especially when it involves family members.I am yet to understand what would make a man be sexually attracted to his own flesh.Maybe,there is no other reason but a need to exert power with no regard for the lives that they have destroyed.I say castration should be the way to deal with these fathers instead of the measly sentences they hand out.

Comments: a question I don't even want to think about. Its so sick!
I'll never understand such evil. Ah once read in The Gleaner about a 30-y-o man who not only molested his 8-y-o daughter, but often took her to visit a 67-y-o man in Stony Hill who also abused her. No, he wasn't sentenced to death.
Abeni it is very sad :(

During my undergraduate year, I took a course "Religions of the world"

I found out mention of incest several times in various places, including in Christianity and Hinduism. It took me by surprise. I am very religious. But then again I do not belive the religions of the world nowadays. I think all these BOOKS are very biased and do not tell of truth. Incest seems like was there from ages back. The religious books are a mention of them..But then again, as society matured, people should have got better.. Seems like people gone worse.

You talked of men ... I know of females who has slept with her brother or cousins of oppposite sex.... I am not gonna be a judge here. But what amazes me is how lazy a human being can be that he or she can not find a suitable partner outside the family. It is very sad for society.
i'm with you on the castration.
Virgo..I agree that it is some kinda laziness/trashiness to wanto to hook up with family.Yuck!
I have a son, a beautifull little boy, almost 4years old.I can not image anyone finding young children sexually attractive. It sickens me to think that people, wether it be men or women, get off on stripping away children's innocence. It's often about the power to control another living being. Incest is the ultimate in betrayal.
Apparently even castration (chemical or physical) doesn't always stop an sexual predator.
Sick, sick people...
As soon as we say YUCK, do you know that there has been a lot of famous figures in history who has lived with their family members or have commited incest...

Darwin married his cousin. Talk of theory of natural selection huh :P
And many others
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