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SpongeBob out the closet?

Poor SpongeBob,he must be wondering how Ernie and Bert escape the gay tag.Err,they lived together and always had some kind of argument.Sounds a lot like sexual tension to me.Anybody remember the episode where Bert was in the tub singing about rubber ducky and all the Sesame Street people were in there too?I don't remember Sesame Street having any girls! Lol,am just joking here but Ernie and Bert would be a lot more believable.

I aint know nuttin bout no spongebob but leave my boys ernie and bert alone. ha ha ha. ernie and bert was family not no homo thing. seriously though I was always waiting for bert to pelt two big rock at ernie or sumting so cause th man was bare truble.
SpongeBob is like most kid's characters--androgynous 'cause it's de most commercially-viable way for kid's characters to be, ah guess. Likkle boys shoulda like Bob as a likkle boy, likkle girls shoulda like Bob as a likkle girl. (After all, girls have names like Ricki & Bobbi these days.) Ernie & Bert are just vintage muppet material, Kami, they're old school.
Wow these bible-pushers are really crazy aren't they. Let me say this. . . I LOVE the Lord, it's his fan club that I don't trust. I mean first it was the pregnant barbie doll. . . they went crazy over that one. . . and now spongebob? Can they get some REAL issues to sink their teeth into. . . I mean really.
Jdid and Melody,sorry to burst y'all bubble,but Ernie and Bert are GAY:).Shana,you would really think with all the burning issues out there that they would actually address one!Instead they wasting time with some cartoon character.
I don't know Kami. I'm not saying that people don't have hidden motives but sometimes I think we read lots of crap into things that aren't really there. Some issues are valid but I think for the most part we make mountains out of mole hills. Sponge Bob gay??? He is not even a real character.
It was actually insinuated that Ernie and Bert were gay but again somebody with a little too much idle time on their hands I think.
Some people have way too much time on their hands- analysing kids cartoons.
Kids love SBSPants, he's funny and NOT sexually oriented- he's a sponge for crying out loud!
So if Spongebob is gay, who is his man? Patrick? Him too fool fool, him wouldn't even know where to put it. Squidward? Well, truthfully, Squidward does seem a bit gay to me, but him not cute enough for Spongebob. Mr. Crabs and Plankton? No sah, they are prolly homophobic... Hmmm... Maybe that stupid squirrel...

Mad Bull
I dont buy that gay argument with Ernie and Bert.
And have never seen sponge bog so cant comment.
poor spongie always getting stick. my lil' loves him though. no homo.
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