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Is there anything worse than having a cold?Ok,I admit to overreacting but few things make you as miserable as the common cold.You got to deal with the stuffy nose,sore throat,headache and sneezing.I don't know which of those symtoms are the worst but sore throat is right up there.On the news you hear talk about stem cell research,potential HIV vaccines and all sorts of other groundbreaking research.How come no cure can't be found as yet for the cold?

By now you would have figured out that am fighting one hence my grouchiness.The most irritating thing is when after swallowing pills,eating oranges or taking cough mixture you still don't feel much better.Then all you can do is hope it doesn't develop into anything more serious like bronchitis,pnuemonia or some equally horrible thing.

Well,it is time I headed off to work.Cold or no cold am heading out to the movies later this evening. By the way I hope I have not infected anyone in blogland with my cold.

Dont blame the cold cause ya miserable :-)

I'm trying to avoid it but two of my coworkers have it really badly and germs spread like crazy in my office so I know my body has been busy fighting it off for about a few days.

Hope you feel better. See I tell ya windies was gine loss an ya wun listen ta muh :-)
Just pile on de vitamin C, Kami, yu can't go wrong. Garlic pills supposed to be good too--an' did yu try honey & lime or lime & salt for sore-throat woes?
get well soon :) Take rest and medicine and proper diet :)
Jdid,you know I was playing devil's advocate with you wrt to Windies team.I went to sleep after Pakistan bat because watching bowlers not worth my loss of sleep.Mel,all I did was boost up on the Vit C.
Abeni, hope you feel better girl!! By the way, a humidifier will do wonders for a stuffy nose.
Abeni, on yuh way home from work, if you live close to the beach .go and take a dio and let the waves and sea water lick down some ah de cold, den go home and sweat it out.
I hope you feel better Abeni. You know...I rarely get sick. As a kid I seemed to be sick every other week. My mother swore I was the sickliest thing on earth, but now as an adult...its rare. I do get those days where I feel under the weather, but it never lasts longer than a day and I never have the common old symptoms. Its usually because I've just overexerted myself without resting. I've chalked my fairly good health up to the fact that I drink an insane amount of water daily. I take vitamins daily(vitamin C, beta carotene & a multi)and as a result of my mother's OCD, I wash my hands more than any average person. Try these things...they may work for you!
Thanks everyone.N,name it and I catch it.Sickly as a child and stil sickly as an adult!
stueps...why u doh crawl in a whole and ded???

yuh never eat good dasheen and ting when yuh was small yuh see...some eddoes and ting...with good sarlt fish....

cause u spend all u time in cuba drinking coffee
hey I was seeing West Indies play. Wow...whats his name?
Pedroll... He is a good bowler. Nice on the line.

So how is your day?
How are u?
Pedro Collins.Yup,he bowled well in this game
Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a Cold Sore site/blog. It pretty much covers Cold Sore related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)
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