Monday, January 03, 2005



Seeing that 2005 is still very young,all the talk is still centred around making changes.While it is true that it is not very easy to make changes(old habits die hard),it is not impossible.I read this yesterday and thought I'd share.

Buried deep in the earth are precious diamonds.In order to get them,however,we must dig and dig deep.Once we get to the foundation rock,we must apply pressure to shape and mold the diamond. It is not the digging,it is the pressure that makes diamonds.Softness is what marshmallows are made of.Soft,sweet,easy to crumble under pressure and no good for anybody.The challenge is to decide what you want to be-a diamond or a marshmallow.

Have a great work week.Mine has not started yet,not that am complaining.

Sing it loud! I'm marshmallow and proud! :-) Lawd, ah hate to admit it Kami, but most days I'm a marshmallow. Rememba Dr. D's post last night: we are who we are. Some days, I'm a diamond--but those are exceptional days.
I like marshmellows :-) about 3/4 marshmallow which means I have nuff work to do
Whether you want diamonds or marshmallows, just remember, be yourself. Make realistic resolutions that are attainable.

First real working week of '05, when you go in today, see if anything looks different. Might not. Have a good day. Dr. D.
Happy New Year Abeni!

Here's hoping that the year will be great for you!
I guess I am a bit of both depending on circumstances. I agree with what Dr.D. said, be realistic with what we hope to achieve. Sometimes we need to be marshmallows first then become the diamonds after we have had the breaking crumbling experience.
But marshmellows are sooo sweet.

sweet and useless:)
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