Sunday, January 30, 2005



Last night's show featured Steel Pulse and Michele Henderson of Dominica along with supporting local artistes.The show was really good and I was pleasantly surprised by the local acts especially Expressions.One problem I had with the show was the length of the breaks between acts which just spoilt the flow.After each act they had to have this break with the DJ's playing some foolish music.The organisers got to do better next year and please a MC that is at least entertaining.

Was really impressed with Michele Henderson.A very tiny young woman with a voice that you won't believe is coming from her body.She had the audience enthralled as she demonstrated her versatility,moving from jazz to reggae,creole,R and B and an instrumental solo.Check out her music,you won't regret it.

Steel Pulse,the main act did not disappoint at all.From the moment they were announced persons started getting up from their chairs.So by the time they started their opening song the crowd was already dancing and singing along with them.They played for about an hr straight moving from their older songs to the newer ones.I must say I was impressed at the way they sounded live,very clean and crisp.Rally round the Flag and Bodyguard seemed to be the crowd favourites.

A lot of us missed their entire performance because afther they sang for about an hour they went off the stage.Most people thought it was the end and headed for the carpark.While we there trying to get out the lot we realised that the Band had restarted.At that point it was not possible to get back in so we missed the last 40 mins or so.Still,we were satisfied with what we got so not much complaints.

Maybe they didn't want de audience to get bored, Kami, yu know how borin' de band changes can be. What kinda foolish music did they play durin' de changes? Sounds like yu had a good time anyway. Was a pity yu couldn't just park nearby an' hear de rest ov de performance--40 minutes ov your ticket $$ is a lot to miss.
I LUV Steel Pulse... "Come Ralleyyyy, come ralley roun'. Ralley roun' de red, gold, black and green..."

Didn't hear much from them after that one about the taxi in New York though...

Mad Bull
Mel,some foolish instrumental things.MB Steel Pulse was just wicked!

u take part in a porn festival??...when does it come out on dvd?
sounds like fun. the jzaa festival i mean, whats this about porn festival. i gine gotta tell you mudda :-)
Porn Dvd? In your dreams.Jdid,she go kill me:)
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