Saturday, January 15, 2005


Bad news Friday

Last night I learnt that Ken Nanton got shot and killed in Jamaica.On Dr D's blog I saw mention of a Vincy doctor being killed but it was only on the evening news that I realised who it was.What a waste of a young,talented life.This young man,just about 30 yrs old was a brilliant student while at St Vincent Grammar School and in fact was one of the island scholars.I can only imagine how his parents are taking this news, because if am not mistaken he was the only son.

As if the shock of Ken's death was not enough I was awakened to the news that the neighbour's house was on fire. Not sure what caused it but everything was lost.What I found really was strange was that all the villagers were running to the house but nobody had any buckets or anything in their hands.Clearly,nobody thought that they could have helped until the Fire Brigade came.Just last week an elderly lady perished in a house fire and another family lost all their possessions.Luckily, for the second family a 3 yr old alerted them that the house was smoke filled and they managed to escaped with their lives.Now my neigbhour has to start all over again and I emphatise with her because she had a rocky last few years.But where there is life there is hope so hopefully she will be okay.

Weekend startin' pretty badly, Kami. Ah guess de villagers found it easier to be inquisitive than helpful, but like you said where there's life there's hope. Obviously, there's no such hope for Dr. Nanton himself. Sorry about that indeed. Your island lost one ov its brightest sons, and we can apologize, but can't replace de specific pride & joy that Dr. Nanton was. The cold-blooded murderer (whoever he is) is antithetical to true J'can spirit--he can't possibly be a true J'can. As a region, we're sufferin' de influx ov deportees and de related deterioration. There's no end in sight, but God knows I'll continue to pray about this.
I only hope the killer can be brought to justice.
both stories are very sad. I really feel for Dr Nanton's parents
I'm always amazed by the endless amout of house fires in the Carribean and the lives lost. Most of the houses are usually one level timber houses why is it that the occupants usually can't get out?

Sorry to hear about another youg life cut short. Hopefully your weekend will get better.
I only hope Ken is at peace. Though, I think the way he went was so awful. The Caribbean has lost one who had already started making a contribution to society. I still vex and sad.

Sorry to hear about the fire in your neighbour's home. Quite a number of fires happen here too. Last weekend one of the smaller shopping centres here had one. Dr. D.
Wow..this is such a small world because I went to stoney ground school with Ken and he was the coolest and most genuine friend you can have..but God has plans for good people so he is in a better place.
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