Sunday, December 05, 2004


Women and Cheating

Ever wondered why women cheat? Well,wonder no more.It's genetic according to this study.

I can picture some men going through the family tree with a fine comb to see how it stacks up genetically:)

interesting would like to see detailed analysis of his findings because i'd say there are more factors involved here
I agree with JDid....far as I see, the reason why men and women cheat may be mulitfactorial. I not writing no epistle here so I will leave it at that. Has to be more than just genes. Dr. D.
For sure there are other reasons but I got to like this one.Don't blame me,it is the genes:)
Hi Abeni,
I agree with JDid and Doc. Although I think that genes probably play a part, there has to be more to it than that. I guess the nature vs nurture theories are still having us guessing.
yeep its all in the genes :P
Newsweek magazine had something on this a few months ago. It was their cover story.. "Why Women Cheat".

Personally, I don't see why people should continue the cycle of fear, demonizing and shame by cheating as well. For women who feel powerful and 'manly' for doing such a thing... they're just labelling you as a ho. Men who cheat should get a scarlet letter as well.

I bet you that you won't see any men wearing the scarlet letter.Society don't treat men who cheat with the same scorn they do women.Maybe when we rule the world we will get them to wear their letters.
Females already rule the world.. well atleast the world at home.. hehe :) cheers
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