Friday, December 10, 2004


Take note men

Laptops are dangerous to your health.So guys try and find a place other than your lap to put the laptop.Kinda confusing but I know y'all will do anything to protect the precious jewels,right?

On another note anybody watched Rockets/Spurs last night?What an exciting end to the game! Rockets won so am even more thrilled.I actually did not think they were going to pull it off trailing by 7 with 54 seconds to go but Tracy Mcgrady brought it home with 13 pts including four 3 pointers in 35 seconds.Am still amazed.

Protection is key. That's my excuse for building the "tool shed" (gave up the six pack years ago). Seems the liquid in the six pack fermented and swell up big time. Interesting article though. There was an article on the net the other day on having your cell phone between your legs while you drive and the possibility of radiation damage to the tools.

What sport is that ...oh basketball....ahhhmmmmmm eerrr eeeemmmm OK. :)
haha.. that just means that I must be infertile by now.. By the way how did they measure temp????
any word on the effects on women?
but wait? you tryin to tell me that that 50 year old man couldnt feel the laptop getting warm on his penis that he end up getting burned?
nah he must be watching some porn on the web :p
He must have thought he was getting real turned on.Yeah,I believe it was porn:)
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