Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Shopping time

Am off to Kingstown to finally do some gift shopping.I have narrowed down my list to about 8 people and I pretty much know what am going get most of them.So hopefully I would be able to get out in a reasonable time unless the bank lines are long.Am hoping that most people would have gone to the bank yesterday as it was payday.I also got my friend to buy me some things I needed yesterday so that my job would be easier today.

By the way anybody followed the story where a woman was killed and the baby cut from the womb? How more gruesome can one get! What I find surprising is that the killer was able to convince her husband that she was pregnant and not just pregnant but went full term.Were these people even living together?It is an all round sad story because both families lives have been changed forever.I wonder what was happening in the mind of that woman to conceive and execute such a plan.More questions than answers.


so wha ya gettin me fa christmas?
you'll just have to wait and see
Hi Abeni,
Good luck shopping. I've been following it to some extent. Some of it just seems so unbelievable. Some seriously sick (psych) people out there iyah!
Have a great day.
Abeni, where is my gift :D
De baby was cut from her womb? Aaaaaagh!! So de killer stole de baby and adopted de child as her own? OMG!!
Happy shoppin!
Yes, read the gruesome story when it just happened.
Sick minds, sick sick sick.

I think the story that floored me and will continue to do so was the depressed mother who drowned her 4 kids (I think it was 4) in the bathtub. ONE BY ONE. Then she had nerve fe call she husband and seh "I killed your kids."

That poor father.
here's the story, abeni:

Yeah Andrea Yates case was real horrific
Hi there ##name##.
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