Saturday, December 18, 2004


My Saturday

Am finally getting into the Christmas cleaning.So this afternoon I decided to wash some cushion covers,clean the living room windows and scrub some mats.Scrubbing the mats was an adventure because earlier in the week I fell off a shelf and bruised several fingers.So getting the detergent on the cuts was no fun but I still decided to go through with it.I still have a few more to do but I am not sure am going to torture myself further.Tomorrow after church am going to tackle my room.Wish me luck!

Got some really good news today as well.My neighbor had been missing at sea since the 6th of Dec and everyone was beginning to assume that she was dead.Well, today the CoastGuard confirmed that they were found alive and well in Santo Domingo.An early Christmas gift I call it.

Finally, this morning I went to Nine Mornings(remember I told you all it is a festival where we count down to Cmas)and the MC called up 2 little girls on the stage for an impropmtu affair.He asked one of them what her favourite subject was and she replied Maths.So he said to her if your mother sends you to the shop to buy a dozen eggs and you get 6 how many more you need.Now,this girl who looked about 9 yrs old replied a dozen.I had to smile but then my teenaged students hardly any better.Please Lord,don't send her to my school in a few years time:)

It musta been stage fright that caused her to get it wrong, Kami. De poor fing. So somebody thought to be dead came back to life at Christmas time--that's a great Christmas miracle if ever there was one. How'd yu fall off a shelf?
Me with my smart self climb up on the shelf to take down some books.Actually I climb up on the computer desk to get to the top shelf and you know the rest:)And did I get any sympathy?Noooo,becos if I smart enuff to stand on a shelf I must bear the consequences.Yeah,the little girl probably was a bit scared but she wasanswering up well confident.
Were these the ones who left for St Maarten on 4th December expected to arrive on 6th December but were missing? That's great news.

Re the detergent in the cut my granny would say "wear gloves!"
Yes,those are the ones.No gloves around but I swear the thought never occured to me(smacks head).I have to go borrow some from somewhere tomorrow
glad to hear your neighbours were found safe and sound
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