Thursday, December 16, 2004


He's just not that into you

A wake up call for women in relationships.Six little words -he's just not that into you, point out what most know but would rather deny.Last night I got to watch the authors on Larry King's show and while I found myself laughing at some parts I had to agree it was on point.

The show opened with a scene from Sex and the City with Miranda telling the girls about this man who kissed her but did not want to come in.So they sit there going through all the reasons why he was reluctant only to have Carrie's date point out that the man was just not that into her.

It is kinda amazing the way we excuse the obvious.It seems like the more obvious it is the more we try to convince ourselves that it will get better.I suppose it has to do with not wanting to acknowledge that the person you want just does not want you the same way.Not the easiest thing to accept at all because in those matters we always feel,wrongly I must add that the fault is ours.

Once upon a time I found myself in a similar situation.For a few months I was on this roller coaster and while I knew it was wrong my mindset was such that I was taking anything that looked remotely like love.Then one day the little remaining parts of self respect woke up and that was the end of everything.Then he decided that it was time to start being super attentive etc but it was too late. I had no intention of looking back at all.

Sometimes,you try to show friends that they sellling themselves short and it is not always taken the proper way.I figure that you just have to leave them to decide when enough is enough.Relationships are just too hard anyway.

It's hard to see a friend makin de wrong decision, and stand silently to witness de consequences. Ah get what you're sayin'--some people don't like when yu show them de truth--but if it's my friend, I feel like I have to show de person what I see, then de person can accept it or reject it. Anyway, good for you, Kami, yu leave a bad situation and now yu stronger as a result.
Its very hard to admit that things aint working out when you want them to.
But what I don't understand is why it took this man to write this book, appear on Oprah and become a phenomenon for so many women to finally say...Oh now I get it. I can't tell you how many times I've told friends to leave some trifling man alone who obviously wasn't into them! He comes along and now women everywhere are just mesmorized...WTF?!?!
N..Maybe cos it is written they accepting it as gospel.You right,we coulda made some money writing on this stuff! Lord knows I advised many a male and female.Ahh well
Life throws us some twist and curves and it's only when we bump our heads that we finally realize that we were goin around the curve too fast or it was the wrong curve in the first place. Then we see some people wid big signs (eg the book) telling us, what the small road signs were telling us all along.
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