Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Gilmore girls again

Last time I blogged about this tv show it set off a chain of events that I found rather pathetic.Anyway an episode I saw recently was where Rory's grandparents were trying to get her to meet the "right type"of young men.By that,they mean sons of their wealthy acquaintances who are Ivy league schooled and upwardly mobile.So they threw this party and Rory was introduced to all these potential young suitors.

Immediately, I had flashbacks of being auctioned off in a similar manner to what one family member thought was the appropriate type of guy I should be going out with.A typical evening would go something like this.A young man would come to the house and he'd be introduced as John Henry(fictitious name)25 yrs old,drives a Mercedes or some other high end car and makes x amount of dollars annually.They were always promoted as a step up from the "losers" I was interested in.

Needless to say I always resented the intrusion and the feeling that I was being auctioned off to the highest bidder.Sometimes for the heck of it I would go out on the token date but would incur more displeasure when I inevitably went back to my "loser" crowd.

Mind you my "loser" crowd was neither the bad boy type,uneducated,druggie,blue collar etc.It just came down to their not making enough money or seemingly not progressing fast enough.The amusing thing was that at 20/21 I was not looking for any husband or for a "sugar daddy" so the material things were not even an issue.While I accept that relatives want the best(or their version of it) for their family members they often use some methods that are tactless and just serve to antagonize.So,don't make it that obvious,just do an intro and leave things to progress on its own.That way you lessen the chances of just being a total annoyance.

the people was juss trying to look out fa ya future. remember how the grandmother married off the girl to an old man she didnt like in Their Eyes were watching God?
Lawd chile....relatives are a treat...Love dem or hate dem dey go be all up in yuh business.
Yup,Jdid and see how that turned out.
Hi Abeni,
It's called family. Can't live with em and can't live without em. Just gotta love em.
You know Abeni, I can sort of relate...see when I was growing up my grandmother had this thing about me dating girls that were "too dark". You see she came from the old school where u had to have "lighter skinned" women as potential suitors, because dem never want no "ugly baby" in the family! Now, my grandmother had a very dark complexion, believe it or her logic never really made sense to me still and thankfully I was at an age where I was quite capable of rejecting theories that made no sense, but you know family will always try to tell you what is right from their standpoint, bad or good I suppose you call it love.

Interesting... bwoy, my family never really got all up in my business still, but there was a time or two when they would interfere a bit in my sister's love lives... At least they would try to! My sister's were kinda tuff headed still.

Mad Bull
I haven't had this experience yet but I'm sure it'll come up. Knowing how brothas are scarce in our churches... we're always praying for new blood. LMAO. And people tink seh because I'm young I'm looking for a husband. So they suggest their cousin, their nephew, this 'brudda at Pastor so-and-so church'...oh, Sista Solitaire, 'im JUST RIGHT fe yuh!
yes girl, the vibes always there only some more subtle than others
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