Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Dear Spammers

Am so tired of opening my email account only to find it has been flooded by you.Unfortunately,Hotmail has increased its size to 2mb which means it is more room for you to do your thing.SIGH!I even noticed you have somehow managed to infiltrate my gmail account as well.Nothing is sacred it seems!

Now,if the things you are advertising were of some use to me I would not mind so much. But, as it is right now they are pretty useless.I never thought Kami was a unisex name but judging from the mails that encourage me to try products that will give me few more inches of growth(no,not hair length),I must conclude that you think am a boy.Anyway,please give it up because am a female who does not want anything enlarged.Well,if you insist it would have been more applicable to send me some of the breast enhancement campaigns.Now,don't take it as an invitation because am just thinking out loud that you really don't seem to know your clientele.

It is getting close to end of year and the time for resolutions and all that good stuff.So,dear spammers how about resolving not to flood us all with your junk? You don't know how much we would appreciate that favour.

Thanks in advance.

lol/ well said.. hehe
I dont get much junk at gmail
Aye aye, Kami! Ov course, De Piggy 2nd yu sentiments. So, yu get strange enlargement offers! (LOL) Years ago, ah read that a vast percentage ov men prefer a lady wif a small bust--ah was pleasantly surprised, considerin' mi own little b-cups. Then you just mentioned breast enhancement . . . ;-)

I see I got company with the likkle b cups eh :)I sick of the spammers!
Have you started to get comment spammers on your blog yet? I get at least one or maybe two a day that I promptly delete.
None on the blog as yet.
Never got any on my blog either.

hey girl, changed my blog's url. it's now
Well I definitely can't relate to the b cup thing :-) . Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Bwoy the spam thing is madness. I had to abandon my hotmail account because of it.
Yahoo has a good bulk mail folder.
We need to find a way to spam the spammers. I here that some court in the States recently awarded damages to someone because of spamming. I tried to find the story but alas.
tek care Kami.
B is on the small side.Tell us what men prefer:)
hehe its hard to say Abeni. Its usua;y love that is imp. Right now, I am just so much in love with this girl.. But I dont think she had bigger than yours.. So size doesnt matter. But huge ones are just ugly
Hey Abeni.. sorry its Swagato again. Well it seems like I looged in using my old old login and hence got the last post posted as such. Well.. you know my blog address anyway
I don't know about men in general but for me I prefer the heart stuff over the physical. Honestly, the last thing that I will look at are breast and butt. Not saying that these things are not attractive, but in my opinion not critical.
well we can exchange junk mail abeni cause I getting all the breast enhancement wuns :-)...not dat i want the other enlargement wuns mind you but I wud still pass on these odda wuns ta you :-)
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