Sunday, December 26, 2004


The Day after

Well I had a quiet Christmas.Woke up around 5.45 and decided I could lie down for 15 more minutes before getting up to catch 7 0 clock service.Next thing I knew the phone rang and when I looked at the clock it was 7.45 a.m.Normally, I don't miss church on Christmas Day so I was feeling rather annoyed at myself for oversleeping.Anyway, as I was the designated chef for the day I headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.I stayed home for a bit to spend time with family members before taking off to meet some friends at around 3pm.

I woke up this morning to the shocking news of the 8.9 earthquake in the Indian Ocean. 8.9! That is one huge quake and understandably triggered off some killer waves.Makes you realise how fragile life is.One minute you here and the next moment you are gone,very,very sobering indeed.Definitely a sad occurrence in this festive season for those who lost loved ones and most likely have not yet grasped the full impact of what happened.I shudder to think what would have happened to the Caribbean if something like this were to hit us.Anyway,lets keep them in our prayers in this sad moment

That's a jolt ov reality, Kami. Life really fragile fe true. I'll remember this in mi prayers too.
All in all though it was a nice christmas for me i saw alot a pain and loss around me so it was rather sobering
I was horrified. My mum says that she felts the whole 26 floor building shake for atleast 2 min. She thought her blood pressure might have gone up.. But soon she realized. I am so relived that the earthquake that hit Bangaldesg was measured at low 6 and the coastal tides that hit was low 3/4 feet only. Due to the fact that we are far far away from the centre of the quake, we survived. Only one boy died, and a few infrastructure gone.

I saw what happened elsewhere in India, Srilanka, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia..... almost 20,000 died. I am very horrified. When I saw on TV the waves crushing on the shores, my whole body just got a chill. I felt as if life just rushed out from me. I pray that I dont see another such ever again. Please no more!
Hey..I completely forgot Bangladesh.Glad to know your family safe though.You are so correct,those waves were chilling.
Just terrible.

On the other side, what did Chef Abeni have on the menu?

mac pie,scalloped potatoes,stewed green peas,plantains,green salad,baked chicken and fry rice.
That's why we must make a habit of giving thanks daily for our lives and those who are dear to us. I make a habit of giving my thanks every day before I roll out of the bed cause you never know if you are going to make it back to that bed. The earthquake and subsequent tidal waves was beyond anyone imagination. Can we all imagine if that was Kick em' Jenny off the coast of Grenada..the whole Caribbean would be whipped off the earth.

Girl, that Christmas menu sound delicious...yuh got any left ova. My mom just took two black akes out of the oven and a cheescake earlier today. I've gained about 5lbs since Christmas day. But it's all good!
Don't even want to think about Kick-em-Jenny,too close to home
What's Mac Pie?

So very true!! I'm glad your holday was peaceful!
Hi Abeni,
You made a stop at my blog and so I just wanted to say hello!
I imagine living on an Island as you do--the terrible earthquake must be very upsetting.

The poster that said we should be thankful each day--is soo right and I thankyou for reminding this grandma to do just that.

I live in the north of the US and deal with temps 15 below zero and snow and ice--that has it own dangers but nothing like what I am seeing on the TV.

Take care all and Happy New Year.
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