Sunday, December 12, 2004


The Club life

Friday night was a reminder of why at age 25 I no longer find the club scene that appealing.Me and a few of my friends decided to make it an all girls lime,something we had not done recently.So we decided to go to this club in favour of a pool hall.

We got there,saw a few friends and acquaintances,mingled and made small talk.Not bad so far.Well,actually the cigarette smoke was beginning to be a bit of an annoyance but nothing that was that terrible.Anyway,we there having a good time,dancing with some guys we knew etc.After a while am standing by the bar when this man comes over to me.

Him: Hello
Me: Hello.
He then goes on to ask me if he can get me a drink.No thank you, was my reply.
Him: Do you want to dance?
Me: No,I don't .
Him:So why are you here then?
Me(thinking to myself)well obviously not to dance with you but I decided to ignore the comment. After he realised I was not about to take up his offer he said He did not have any more time to waste on a bitch like me.

Now,that was one comment I was not going to leave unanswered.So I said in my bitchiest way-Thank God for small mercies.I did not wait to hear what was his response because I was already moving away from his ignorant self.Makes me wonder though why everytime a girl does something that is contrary to what some men expect then she is a bitch.Well,if am doing something I want and it makes me a bitch am happy being one.But seriously ,am a little too old to be dealing with those remarks.

And to crown it all off a fight broke out in the club.I can't tell what triggered it but I saw bottles flying and people scampering to get out of the way.That was enough motivation to head on out of there.I must really be getting old because at that point staying home and watching some tv never looked better.

I went to a club last night too and was reminded why I hadnt been really clubbing for the past 4 or 5 years. First off cant stand bouncers, secondly cant stand the crowds and usually on normal club nights I just get annoyed with the music.
I find the music tends to be repetitive.Even if you miss a few mths of clubbing the music basically follows the same pattern.
I dont like clubbing. Must be weird me
Yu know, Abeni, bitchiness is a blanket term that some people use for ANY assertive behaviour from a woman. I embraced de name "Piggy" years ago, because it allows me to celebrate being an assertive woman--of course, my love for that name is peculiar to my personality, but yu get de point. Yu post many mature messages (on domestic abuse, etc.), and some of your age-peers mightn't know how to react to that kinda maturity. Keep on keepin' on.
Yeah,assertiveness in women is not taken too well at all.Thanks for the lil compliment.Am gonna point it out to all who call me babyish:)
The nerve!!!! Your response was sharp and on point, don't let it get you down at all!

That was really some nerve.We actually had a laugh at it on the way home.Apparently he thought he was God's gift to us females.
I tired of the meat market and bullcrap at clubs still. Too many drunk girls and guys, same story, different year. Yes, a good book or the television is a wonderful way of spending a Saturday night.

Seems we are all on the same wavelength here. I last went to a club 6 years ago. Walked through the club door saw a girl dancing on her head with underwear billowing in the breeze to some song I couldn't even repeat some off the words of and realized how much I had aged. Spent the rest of the evening liming with friends at a jerk pork eatry.

These days I choose my stops well.
I'm glad to hear the intelligent folks don't think clubs are appealing...and that nothing's wrong spending a Saturday night reading... or bloggin' (lol).
Me myself and I have never been to one, and for good reason. One, because the church outlaws it. Second, I hear it's nothing really, anyway.
Thank goodness the club I go to (once a year!) in Jamaica don't have men coming up to you and asking you questions and saying dem tings. Generally i would know acouple of people at the club, and they're there to have a good time with whomever they came with, rather than wanting to pick up people. Which is a strange thing that it's not different but I ent complaining.
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