Monday, December 13, 2004



'Blog' No. 1 word of the year

Somebody sent me this news item which I must admit I had not seen before.I however noticed that Msn now has blog service.I guess it is more motivation for all bloggers to keep blogging:)

The thing about blogging is that sometimes you not sure what to blog about.I find myself caught between how personal I should make it as some things I would rather reserve for the old fashioned journal.I have been keeping journals for a number of years and they make some interesting reading.I tell you sometimes I can't believe the things I used to stress about and I end up laughing at some of it.Other stuff much more serious but it is all good still because I can measure my improvements.

Anyway,it is a lot of fun reading people's viewpoints and getting a peep into their personal lives.So keep the blog fires burning and add some spicy details to satisfy my curious self:)

Kami, last week Mad Bull posted a message about MSN's possible entry into Bloggin--soh before too long Gates might monopolize de Bloggin bizniz an' start to regulate de whole fing!
Blogging has been fun. It kinda puts you in touch with all types of people from all kinds of different backgrounds without the usual "prejudices" of age, sex, mode of dress, looks etc. You are forced to accept someone from what you read. I will admit that it lacks a personal feel to it sometimes but hey I think that in itself allows you to be a bit less inhibited in what you say. You may not bear your soul but you still interact at a level that is comfortable to you.
Microsoft inna everyting eh??
I find myself often surprised to read some of things I've written in my journal too. I think thats the fun part of it all!
N..So true,that is really the fun part although you would die of embarrassment if anyone were to see them !

Scratchie..Microsoft like air..dem in everything!
"...add some spicy details..."

You first!
After you Stu:)
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