Monday, November 29, 2004


Violence against women

Black up they eye
Swell up they face
And they love you more.

Those I think are some lines from a Sparrow calypso(subject to correction) and apparently lots of men and women think it is gospel judging from the number of cases that occur daily.Finally,some body has decided that its time the silence be broken.

This problem,I believe will not go away until women understand what empowerment means.By empowerment I do not mean reversing existing power hierarchies but rather empowering women to make their own choices,to speak out on their own behalf and to control their own lives.Failing that lessening the incidences of violence will just be that much harder.

Violence is horrible no matter against whoever
yea I'm totally against this violence. Growing up I always heard comments like some women dont think theman love them unless he beating them. sounds to me like a poor justification to continue this pattern of violence but then on the other hand I find it strange that some women seem so ok with these goings on.
I hope you feel better
Jdid..plenty of them stay because they depend on the men for their economic survival while others just too ashamed to let others know.I notice too in the Cbean that police do not take the reports seriously.People make a report and they feel is a lovers' quarrel so they rarely pay the thing any proper attention until of course somebody get killed
In some cases though that is indeed the case where the policeman steps in and attempts to assist and the woman supports the man. I had a family member who was a police that got involved in one of those cases and when he is attempting to deal with the issue the man and woman try gang up on him to beat him.
Yeah heard similar stories too where the person refuses to press charges etc even after the police hasstepped in.Who knows all the resons why people act the way they do eh? One thing though conflict resolution should be done in a way that does not involve coming to blows.
Hi Abeni,
Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in. It seems we share common issues across the Caribbean and I dare to say worldwide. We have our DJ's here singing about women who allow men to "love them up with iron pipe". How can one call this love pray tell?
Stranger things I have never seen or heard. I remember one young lady in my old community crying because she was convinced her husband didn't love her anymore because he no longer bothered to beat her silly. A perverse mind set.
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