Monday, November 22, 2004


Time flies

It is 4 years to the day since my grandmother died.And even though it still hurts,the pain is different.Initially it was like an open wound that would be extremely painful.Now,the wound not gaping but you know if you press on it that it will hurt.But most times you can go about your daily life not conscious of the sore.Time really does heal pain and memories do live on.

My friend is still in the same condition i.e no better,no worse.Still can't get a diagnosis.But I believe it is meningitis based on a prosedure they did last night at the Hospital.Since she has no blood relatives of such here it is difficult getting information and she is not responsive enough to tell any one anything.Totally frustrating and helpless feeling.

It is harder to forget. We are stronger with our sadness
It'll get better. I found thinking about the positive things really helpful. I lost my granny almost 2 years ago!
its always very painful to lose a loved one. I hope you friend can pull through
Oh no, hope they have her on some good antibiotics.

Need to add you to my links...but the housekeeping on the site is not my forte. In time.

Hope things improve with your friend. Dr. D.
DR not sure what medication she is on.All I seeing is a set of tubes.
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