Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Sunday night tv

Just got really boring with the season finale of Dead like me.Dead like me is a brilliant show focusing on a group of "undeads" whose job is to reap souls.Each of these undeads has a lot of unresolved life issues that they still have to deal with in their new state.That makes it quite poignant at time( okay am a softie).My Sunday night tv viewing consisted of HBO's Six Feet under,Sex and the City,Showtime's Queer as folk in that order.Sex and the City is finished and Queer as and Six Feet new seasons are yet to begin.So what is a girl to do now? I discovered Cold Case on CBS which is not too bad but Six feet under it is not.

Speaking of tv I was looking at the American Music Awards and I must admit to not feeling sorry for Kobe when he got a few boos.Lately I find Kobe quite irritating and his "attack" on Shaq has not endeared him any further.Usher was the big winner(Yeah :)...well deserving I would think considering Confessions was a huge seller .Speaking of which is he dating Alicia Keys?Am not too current on entertainment trivia,so cut a girl some slack.Since then I heard Kanye West was not too pleased about not being named best new artist and was not shy about letting it be known.

Thanks to the AMA for filling the gap.But what about next Sunday?

ya watchin tummuch american tv. try an read or sumting
OK, Six Feet Under I get. Dead Like Me I get. Cold Case I get. Sex and the City I love. But what the heck is so interesting about Queer as Folk? Never ever figured why people liked it so much!

AD,most people like it because it shows gay people as having lives with issues same as straight people.I always have to defend to my friends the attraction I have for the show:)
Whats the time difference between where you are and my place (Sydney, Aus)?
Would luv to chat more on Internet (;P)
More than 12 hrs I think
I'm sorry that I didn't get to see the AMA's myself... I used to watch all those shows too. Six Feet became boring rather quickly. I only watched one of two Sex & the Citys. I liked Queer as Folk somewhat for the same reason as you, but they were just a bit too graphic, IMHO. When my TV was going strong, I mostly used to watch Sopranos and Deadwood on a Sunday night though.... I loved Deadwood! The only problem with it was that I started to use some of their terms... They had me going around calling everybody "Cocksuckers" ;-)

Thus spake the Mad Bull!
I do like Six Feet, but the last few episodes got a bit too predictable. Queer as folk....too much in your face....every other scene someome getting humped.

Sopranos and Deadwood can watch. Sex and the City never really grabbed me.

But, I really not a TV person anyway. Dr. D.
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