Sunday, November 21, 2004


Sad Sunday

Came home from church to hear Dominica was hit by an earthquake measuring 6 on the richter scale.Considerable damage was done to the north of the island but the other areas seem to be fine.For the past week or so Dominica has been having heavy rains which have resulted in floods and landslides.Thankfully no one died but in nearby Guadeloupe a 7 year old died after being hit by a beam.To look at damage done in Dominica go here.

Closer to home one my close friends is seriously ill and according to the news from the hospital she may not make it.Am praying that she makes it because 28 is just too young to die.Get better girl,get better.

Sorry to hear about Dominica and about your friend as well.
Had not heard about Dominica and any earthquake....must be the same one Yamfoot mentioned feeling while in Nevis at her site.

Hope you friend makes it, 28 is young. Dr. D.
Wow, I have never heard of an earthquake in the Caribbean before.
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