Friday, November 19, 2004


It is that time of year

Yes,Christmas is almost upon us.Yesterday while driving to work the radio was playing some sweet parang music.Scrunter,you are the man.

I love Christmas,minus the hard work of course.So this year am taking a break with tradition which means no feverish house cleaning i.e cleaning every item in the house,washing every single window, and doing all the things left undone for the prior 11 months.Most definitely no new curtains,rugs,carpets or any such thing.I refuse to let them drag me into spending and spending.

Christmas Day lunch is usually a family get together held at a different relative's house each year.So thankfully I won't have to cook. Am not really a cake lover but I must have a piece of black cake.I am not really a fan of traditional Christmas food because I don't like green peas either and am not a huge fan of sorrel..My gift list has gotten smaller (thank God for migration:) so it's all good.

What I really like though is Nine Mornings.Now Nine Mornings is the Vincy way of celebrating Christmas.Here's how it works.It is basically a 9 day countdown to Christmas Day marked by fetes,parties,church services,beach going,bike riding,carolling etc. Now all these activities begin in the wee hours of the morning starting from around 2am .There is no activity on Sundays,day of worship and all.You should see the sleepy eyed persons turning up to work later in the mornings.

The last few years though the festival has seen organized events spearheaded by the Ministry of Culture.There is now competition for the best Nine Morning activity in a village and in Kingstown they showcase different acts daily.Of course the fetes, cook outs, beach activities still take place.But the organised event is mainly geared towards visitors and probably ensuring that the tradition is kept alive.

This year the Festival will run from Dec 16 to the 24th under the theme "Celebrating a unique Vincentian tradition".Prior to that on Dec 4th (I think) the National Christmas tree will be lit in Kingstown

Thankfully it will be vacation time so I can be in the midst of the activities and sleep during the day.

Hi :)
but lawd gal how ya get suh wufless an dibidibi? ya doan wanta wash, ya doan wanta cook, ya doan wanta clean, all ya wanta do is fete and party. wuhloss den! :-)
I on vacation.Next year I will be a sweet domesticated young woman
ha ha ha, that I would have to see for myself
"sweet domesticated young woman". lol. Next Year huh? its always next year :) cheers
I love Christmas time the most as well. In order to get in the spirit, we usually put up our tree on Thanksgiving weekend and then go to the mall for a bit of shopping and listening to the Christmas music.
Hey Stu.Thanks for dropping by.
Christmas is a nice time of year, but I hate the traffic that comes with it (though traffic is an almost all year thing here).

Sorrel and ham is a must for me. The shopping list is very short this year I'm afraid....curtailed by funds! Dr. D.
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