Tuesday, November 09, 2004


If the Internet were sex

I'd be a nymphomaniac.Yup,addicted I am.My friend,a fellow addict tells me there are worse addictions.I can testify to that,so amen brother.

Seriously though we really do spend a lot of time online don't we? Funny thing is even though the Internet is the gateway to unlimited information we find ourselves concentrating mainly on a few sites.I find myself gravitating to at least five sites on a regular basis that is without counting the blogs I check regularly.And of course there is Instant Messaging where you can shoot the breeze with net buddies as well as real life friends.IM took on real importance in the years I was away from my group.We used to have some mad conferencing all hours of the night discussing every tiny detail.Those were the days.

Basically,I check other sites only if am doing some research for school,want to settle an argument or just for general knowledge.I remember having assignments to hand it and asking this friend to find the info for me.He would give me the lecture about my laziness but would still help me out.In short I don't like the Internet when it takes on the form of work.

By the way am happily addicted.When the children start coming then it will be detox time.If the Internet were sex..you'd be? Your turn to finish the sentence now.

I'd be... a sex worker.

That doesn't sound good.
If the internet were sex i'd be in jail for sexual harassment!
I'd have some sort of STD. I surf anything, from research-related topics, to news, to sports, to porn. In my surfing, I pick up a variety of spyware, adware, viruses, trojan horses, you name it! Speaking of which, my friend once dubbed her computer the "whore of the web", seeing as how it had 100++ viruses and close to 1000 spyware!

Wow.That is a lot of viruses and spyware and one seriously infected PC
stueps....if dat were so...all now i woulda be one big whore....skettel if u wish...chatting wit any and everybody
I'd be a nympho too....my connection was down yesterday fo rtmost of teh day....and I really felt miserable.
Then I'd be your lover!!!

The Ebony Elf
Abeni girl ya really need help.

Of course if the Internet was sex I'd be having sum serious IM orgies. wait a minute but seeing that I'm talking to 2 guys and a girl right now would that make me Bi? perish the thought!
Lol Jdid...you the one in need of help
if the internet were sex...I'd be a ho forreal!!! Great post!
Hey Abeni-
The girl who wrote about black "hate crime" on her blog (and mine), and which you commented on, has left an individual response for all commenters here.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
If it were sex, I ... well I wont be a virgo any more .. uhuh? cheers
well since we both spend a lot of time on the net and we might chat at IM, if it were sex, what would we be doing? lol... just kidding .... lol
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