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According to a news bulletin today SVG will be receiving 33 deportess from Washington-32 of them criminal aliens.As if the crime rate is not ridiculously high enough (far too many homicides)here comes 32 more to make an increasingly bad situation even worse.

Now,is it really fair to send these deportees back to the land of their birth?Bear in mind that many of these deportees would have never set foot back on these islands before now.Some of them would have left the island as babies or toddlers and learnt their criminal ways in their adopted homeland.Then quite a number of them do not have any immediate relatives to come home to and if they do they are not willing to accomodate them. What then? Well,they become burdens of the State and bring their sophisticated criminal ways to the islands.

An investigation conducted by the Associated Press released in November,2003 found that these deportees are responsible for the rising crime waves in the region which threaten to overwhelm police and security forces.

Is it that the Caribbean govts are helpless in the face of this dumping of criminal immigrants by the US? Or have they not sought to have it addressed? Cuba does not take deportees so there is precedence there.someone once told me that Haiti has adopted an innovative method of dealing with their deportees.Couple days after their arrival you find them dead in canefields.Not sure about the accuracy but desperate times call for desperate measures.

so ya wan kill all de deportees cuhdear
remember when Buju say this?

One drop inna di snow from about seventy-nine
Neva get di chance cause it wasn't my time
An' mi hear yuh dey a foreign an' commit di most crime
An' mek a bag a money when mi couldn't mek a dime
(re)memba one time gon how yuh used to brag
Benz an' Lexus a wey yuh did have
Clarks and Bally whey yuh got in a bag
Clothes a yuh no wear still have on nametag
Now yuh crash up, now yuh mash up, yuh neva did a plan
Yuh neva bid a check fi lay a foundation, mi holla
Nah,not advocating killing them at all.Am kinda amused at Haiti's method of handling it
Bwoy, anything is possible in Haiti, because it sounds like a ruff place, and I am from Kingston, Ja., so you know that I mean it when I say that its rough. Here are a couple of viewpoints on this issue, Jamaican style-ee. More recently, I have been thinking that we ought to set up a boat building industry and put these deportees to work. They can build a few boats for us to earn a few dollars, then they build themselves a boat. The dollars they earn they can spend on provisions. We can run a few classes on basic navigation and stuff like that. After about 2 or 3 months, we cast the deportees back to sea with their own boat, maps of the Caribbean Basin and the knowledge of navigation. Who knows or cares where they end up, am I right? (we all know is straight back to the US them gone, but hey, thats where they should be, so who cares, am I right?) ;-)

Thus spake the Mad Bull
The Haiti solution sound seriously drastic iyah. I think the Caribbean is having a real problem with this deportee thing. I figure that it is the equivalent of dumping your garbage in someone elses yard. If the breeze blew trash into your garden deal with it. What do you do, collect it and hope to find who it belongs to and return the trash.... come on almighty US. Then they turn and complain that we aren't doing anything about drugs flowing through to the US, half the time they are the ones causing it by returning the criminals.
LOL,MB.That is a brilliant solution! Scratchie,that is an interesting analogy.
I agree with scratchie. Once again the US has shown itself shortsighted in the way it deals with issues. Sending the criminlas to the caribbean does not lessen crime in the US.
Agree with the Scratch. I don't agree with the dumping syndrome either...but you see, them got problems. The richest country in the world has the largest amount of people behind bars. I guess they trying to reduce the density. Send them back to the islands, after all, is only Third World Caribbean people that if we all perish, USA ent go suffer...right? There really is only one country in the world that has human beings as citizens. Sigh. Life nuh fair. Dr. D.
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