Saturday, November 27, 2004



Seeing that my friend is hospitalised I have been a stand in mommy for the week.It has been quite challenging and has served to drive home even more the kind of attention that children need.Being a parent has got to be one of the hardest jobs in this world as you are expected to be so many different persons at the same time.

Your life really changes.Whereas I used to roll out of bed and not bother about making any breakfast I must get up now and make breakfast for her.I have to make sure she bathe properly,comb hair etc all in time to meet the deadline for leaving home.

Don't talk about the numerous questions I have had to answer.I had to explain why 6 year olds not allowed to visit the wards at the General Hospital as well as the use of a tampon.Talk about diversity eh!

The amazing thing is how children expect their needs to be met.Little Miss announces that I have to give her popcorn for Yellow House next week i.e if I can't do cup cakes.Mind you,this was after giving me a list of things that she "needed" like new socks,raincoat etc.

And to top it all off am being told that she won't be sleeping at her mother's when she comes home because she does not want to get sick.So,it looks as if am stuck,right?

Truth be told despite all the changes in routine she is good to have around.If nothing else it forces you to be not selfish and see the world through the eyes of children.And they have this knack of saying the funniest things that you just can't help laughing at.It is a hard job rearing children but one with many joys especially if at the end of the day the children turn out to be decent citizens.

well look at you all grown up and role model for de yout dem. its good practice for you when ya get ya own :-)
Me,responsible? LOL,it depends on who you talk to
maybe the children will cure ya of ya lawlessness
whoops didnt mean to post the above as anonymous
Well, I can definately relate. Sometimes I feel bad after taking care of my younger siblings for any extended period of time. I have to wonder to myself "was I really that bad?" Oh well, consider it practice for when you start producing a few little young'uns of your own.

AD..It makes you wonder if you really want any:)
Children... nah.. too bothering most times and above all always too childish
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