Wednesday, November 17, 2004



I got this challenge via a fellow blogger so here goes

10 Random things about me

1.I don't wear a watch

2.I love to write

3.Tv addict

4.Net addict

5.Love to read

6.Love soca and reggae

7.Never sure how long I should keep my hair

8.Get sick often

9.I don't like jewellery

10.I love sports esp track and cricket

7 ways to win my heart

1.Chocolate and more chocolate


3.listen to me

4.Lend a shoulder when things bad

5.Call for no reason but to say hi

6.Be prepared to do as I say:)

7.Agree with me all the time:)

4 favourite things in my bedroom





5 things I fear


2 Bats

3 Frogs

4 Worms

5 mice

6 things I believe in

1 God

2 Love

3 Do unto others as you would have them do to you

4 There is a heaven

5 What you sow you will reap

6 Live long enough and you would have seen it all

Person I miss the most

My grandmother

Person I would most like to strangle


why ya wanta strangle yaself fa
Well,if I have to strangle someone it may as well be me.That way I doh have to face any charges:)
5 more random things about u:
You are smart
You are sweet
You are nice
You are pretty, hell you are very sexy :p
You are a woman.
Hey Abeni, I miss you talking
Virgo,I see you are getting into the flattery business eh.

Anonymous,I don't quite follow.
yeah yeah.....
anyway I got done with my project
i hadnt slept for last two days
and i am hungry, tired]

but how come I cant sleep
Bwoy Abeni, with all that information I feel like I know you already :). Speaking of which, it seems as if you have a suitor working very hard on the other side of the blogsphere!

AD..Doh worry I left out a lot still:)Yup,am being pursued:)
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