Thursday, October 07, 2004


Who needs WC 2007

Pirates 2 is going to be filmed in St Vincent and the Grenadines.This is great news for our economy -guest houses are going to be filled,service workers will get increased employment and not to mention the tourism boost.With Wc 2007 we would have had to spend millions upgrading Arnos Vale Playing Field for what is more than likely going to be a once in a lifetime event without any guarantee you going to break even. All we have to do here is present SVG as is and enjoy the benefits.Welcome back to the Pirates of the Caribbean crew.

try and get a lil part in the movie nuh.
Looking out for my best interests aren't u?
Abeni has already been cast for my big blockbuster movie: Privates of the Caribbean

Other cast members: Mohammed "Ms Afganistan" Sami, the Carib girls and me of course:)

Tell dem girl! Who needs the stinking CWC2007 eh? Go Vincy! Go Pirates!
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