Saturday, October 23, 2004


Parenting-The challenges of

This morning I was awoken by my neighbour to read a note her 6 yr old daughter had in her reading book.The note read Damian f*ck Chelsea (her daughter) and Shameira.Naturally,I was taken aback by the language and the context in which she had written it.So both of us questioned her trying to find out exactly what she understands.All we were able to gather was she does not know what it means and that Damian had not done anything to her.

But it is worrying to say the least.This is a 6 year old child being extremely graphic and seeming to suggest that she knows to some extent what she is writing about.The mother insists that she is going to beat her but am not sure beating of itself will solve anything.I suggested that she sit her down and explain to her in language that she can understand why she should not be writing such things.I suppose she also has to try and find out what the child has been exposed to.

This parenting thing getting harder and harder.Whatever happened to the little notes that said "I love X".Now,these little children taking it to new scary levels.In retrospect I am glad we saw it because it means there is an opportunity to give her guidance or help.

stueps...wha wrong wit dat???

i been cussing like a pirate since i drop out my mudda crotch!!

and yes she should beat de chile...not cause she cuss...but just for the sake of sharing licks...
Stop messing up my site
Beat up this damian guy... who is this damian guy anyway?
A kid in her class.
SIX?? Hmm. Clearly she has heard (at school, on TV, or older people...I hope ..and not her own age) using such language.

I don't think beating will help, and I do believe in a well placed slap when necessary. Her parents need to sit and chat with her in a firm but understanding way in order to try to aviod unwanted trouble in the not too distant future.

If she has the f word in her vocabulary already, what next? Can't say I had any idea about that word at age Six. Parenting really is not an easy road...I haven't walked it yet. Dr. D.
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