Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Cosmetic surgery

Lately I have noticed a number of television shows like Extreme Makeovers where people undergo what I consider radical surgery to alter their bodies. What is it that really drives a person to undertake such drastic measures to achieve the body perfect? Let me make it plain that am not talking about corrective surgery that is needed medically but more about the ones to make the nose a little straighter or smaller, facelifts, tummy tucks etc etc.

It may start out with doing a relatively simple procedure and it escalates into wanting more and more stuff done. Or take the case of Michael Jackson who went too far and ended up looking grotesque.Makes you wonder if this is the ultimate in self love or self hate? One thing about this cosmetic surgery "fad" is it tells you how obsessed the world is with looks and youth. Everyday women in particular get bombarded by ads promising to give younger smoother looks,reduce wrinkles etc.By now most people would be familiar with the word botox which is this new treatment designed to remove frown lines. Then there is the weight obsession that says a person should have a specific body size , breasts that defy gravity or just larger breasts for that matter.The pressure is great because there is the feeling that if it gains you a competetive edge in the dating/relationship world then why not just go along and do it.

I admit to being comfortable in my physical skin so I can't say cosmetic surgery holds any attraction for me.Not that I consider myself perfect but I like to think the imperfections are what make me natural.Like most people I have agonised over some body part but not to the extent where if I had the means and the opportunity I would do something drastic. The key I think is to be comfortable with who you are and accept yourself in what ever shape or form you are in. I can't help but feel too that a not so subtle message is being sold which is change how you look physically and life will automatically get better.Nothing could be further from the truth though because physical looks of itself is no guarantee of a happily ever after life.

everyone is just too vain these days. once growing old was respected now everyone wants to stay young. wrinkls must be removed, tummies tucked, this or the next raised or lowered. its rather silly
Fuh real girl dat Michael Jackson does look like one a dem monkey-men from the movie Planet of the Apes.....ent?

Michael just look nasty and he got the nerve to be upset that Eminem making fun of him.The man set himself up as a fantastic target
Micheal Jackson is a bad example for cosmetic surgery, he wanted to change himself, but most people want plastic surgery to improve themselves or just look like themselves few years ago
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