Thursday, October 28, 2004


Color Purple

Last night I watched this movie for the umpteenth time. And each time I watch it am swept away by the despair,love,anger and the struggle just to survive.Some of the scenes are just too painful to watch,like when Nettie and Celie were separated by Mister after Nettie refused his sexual advances.Then there are the scenes where Mister treats Celie little better than a slave.Who can forget him slapping her down for "talking back" as he put it.Poor Celie, beaten down by life from the onset( pregnant by her father twice and separated from the babies) accepts it as just another chapter in her sad life.

In the end you can't help rejoicing with Celie as she is reunited with Nettie,the only person who loved her and her long lost children.Additionally,she is able to find her freedom,her voice, as well as recognise her worth as a person and a woman.I just love the scene where the new Celie curses Mister and walks out the house for the last time.The look on Mister's face is priceless when he realises he no longer can dominate her.Vainly,he tries to regain his power resorting to his proven threats.This time they have no power as Celie tells him "The jail you plan for me is the one you will rot in".

Really great performances by Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg.I also liked Oprah Winfrey's portrayal of the fiery Sofia who is not about to be dominated by her husband Harpo.It is a movie worth watching.

is oprah's husband's name really harpo as in oprah spelt backwards cause thats got to be on some weird level right there
Oprah not married.I think she has a company called Harpo though.She did say she was born to play Sofia as Harpo is Oprah spelt backwards.
In the movie, Oprah's husband is named Harpo. Her production company is also named Harpo. (yep, opraH spelled backwards)
Hi Abeni, thank you for passing by my site. Nice to come across another Caribbean blogger. Have never been to St. Vincent...but may well do so next year for a conference.

I saw The Colour Purple long ago, so much so that I scarcely remember it.

I will try and keep visiting and look forward to more visits from you. Dr. D.
When the movie first came out I remember some black men thinking it was male bashing.

I have always thought it was good work by all involved...Speilberg for example took a big chance doing a black to do with post slavery period. Not many known or upcoming directors would bother.

Everybody in the film just showed how screwed up slavery made black ppl. Imagine Sofia's conditions...A white upper class woman could just take over Sophia's life as punishment for her being too forward and nobody could do jack about it!

Well the incest and sexual abuse is part of life it seems, of all eras ...but it is becomes more of an issue it seems when men of a certain group are emasculated...when they can't really be "men" in their own society they often turn their anger and shame into violence acts against the people who are powerless to stop them..their is something unfortunately that wont go away.

And the preacher and his daughter... well Christianity should find it hard to sell among ex-slaves and their decendants but it does not. I eh know why.

Complex and diverse issues are dealt with in this story...the author Alice Walker of the book and co-writer (?) of the screen play is gifted enough to connect them all so well. She even managed to make a colour important and weave it throught the story.
I can't get enough of this movie, and I am so happy others appreciate it as well! For some reason we just personally connect to it. I know when I watch it, I feel like I actually lived in the time period. WONDERFUL MOVIE, I SHARE IN YOU APPRECIATION.
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