Sunday, September 26, 2004


Sportsmen and Retirement

What is it about sportsmen that make them want to continue even when they are past their best? Is it that they are addicted to the spotlight and find it hard to move out of the public eye? Or is it a case of needing money? Whatever it is it is pathetic to watch these great athletes continuously being humiliated simply because they are reluctant to call it quits. First it was Tyson being knocked out in the same Memphis and Holyfield getting KOed (i think) by James Toney

Last night as I watched Roy Jones jnr undeniably one of the greats being battered all over the ring I felt saddenned. I know he is brash, arrogant even, but I don't think anyone who acknowledges his greatness would have felt happy to see him lying motionless for so long. I would hope getting KOed in two consecutives fights would drive home the message to him that it is time to hang up the gloves.

Thanks for the memories Roy but to preserve your legacy it is time to go. Nobody, I think wants to see you further humiliated

In all fairness though Jones should probably have stuck to the middleweight categories where he ruled. Moving up to the light heavyweight has not been a good move for him.

That said it probably is time for him to retire though.
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