Monday, September 27, 2004


More on West Indies win

It is Monday, am in Kingstown and all the talk is the win on Saturday.Everybody had their own unique reaction. The office attendant at work spoke of being unable to sit in her home. Instead she paced the yard nervously alternating between asking her children for updates and requesting that they turn off the television. Her neighbour who was as much a nervous wreck prayed and was in tears by the time the winning run was hit.Understandably, most of the talk is centred around Browne the man we love to hate. Almost to a man all agreed that for the moment at least he is exempted from criticism.

On the other side one of my friends lost his bet that England would win.So his stance is the umpire should be thanked for giving Browne a life as he was plumb lbw. Earlier he had collected on his bet that Shaoib would knock down Lara so he is ruing the oportunity of going two for two.

One thing though most people although still somewhat euphoric are aware that there is still much to be done. As one of my friends said to me it is not the WC and the team is still no 8 in the Test rankings but for the moment it is a welcome respite from blows.

Well said girl......I am happy that for once we didn't buckle under the pressure and remained resolute. I still in shock that it happened. Happy that it did though....Winning is a habit and if these guys can move on from here they'll be a force to be reckoned with in the future.
boy can see people are feeling this in JA. good looking out.
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