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Well SVG escaped a direct hit yet again so I suppose the blessed theory will gain new life.Unfortunately our Grenadian neighbours were not fortunate to escape the full force. Been trying to call Grenada all last night but no luck..I hope my friends are fine.

It was kinda frustrating waiting on Ivan because we had expected to be getting bad weather from Mon night but nothing happened. It was kinda eerie too with the place still and hot and all the uncertainty. It got to a point where you just wanted to get hit and get it over with.Then we heard from 8 am Tuesday morning we would start feeling the effects. We never started feeling anything until about midday(at least in my area). I was surprised by how little rain fell and the absence of thunder and lightening . There were a few strong gusts of wind but nothing scary at all. Surprisingly, the water stayed on but then the rain was not much so I guess that explains why they left it on throughout.Power went around midday Tues and it was about 11.15 that I realised it was back.The place was eerily dark though without the accustomed streetlights and because I was warned about keeping candles on I just did not bother lighting any.

From what I gather the damage here was not too bad. The Southern Grenadines took a pounding with Palm Island And Mayreau having their jetties destroyed. So effectively they marooned. The damge was mainly in coastal areas because of the storm surges so areas like Argyle, Georgetown etc would have been affected. Still, we are grateful because it could have been so much worse especially in the light of what happened in Barbados and Grenada.

My friend kami has a blog and she didnt tell me !!!

I should be annoyed but I'm not, well maybe just a little bit.

Glad to hear that you guys escaped the fury of Ivan, we here in Jamaica might not be so lucky. Didnt Dominica feel any of the effects ?

I remember the devastation that took place in 1988 when we got the full brunt of Hurricane Gilbert, and I'm not looking forward to this. Ivan is a category 4 compared to Gilbert's category 3. It is now over warm waters which generally leads to strengthening. The forward motion has increased which usually means weakening, so I think it will probably remain the same or strenthen slightly. If the forward motion increases then we would have a hurricane passing over us pretty quickly.

Danmn, I dont need this right now. I'm behind with my sales quota and...........

Great blog kami. I'm gonna take some time and start reading from your first entry onward.

Expect regular comments from me.

I hope your friends are okay after Ivan. I'm in florida and I could be right in the line of fire, again.
My apologies Dale..feel better now:) I hope y'all don't suffer too much from this hurricane.Hoping for the best for everybody in Ja,Cuba and Florida

I still annoyed :)

Man, things hopping in de yard.

Everybody and their Grandmother was out shopping for food stuff today. The traffic was horrendous.

I went to the Supermarket at 8:30am, just as it opened and picked up some stuff. My guys were out working from pretty early and I told them to knock off at 2pm and head on home. They told me that it was chaos in the supermarket and most everything on the shelves were gone.

My other half is out of the island, so I checked in on her Mom and made sure everything was ok there, and then head on up to spend the next couple days with the old people (If Mom hear me calli ng old I dead)

It was sunny, hot and eeriely quiet today. No wind blowing - "The Calm before the Storm"

We are battening down as well as we can and watching the forecasts pretty closely. I'm expecting a proper battering, and damn it sounds like Grandma outside catching her damn chicken to lock em up in the back room :)

I will keep online as much as possible (ie. until the power goes) and keep everyone updated.
Just to let you all know that I survived big bad IVAN.

Plenty damage in de yard.

Lights are out all over, but is being restored by JPS.

Most of the damage was to the south central, south western Jamaica.

Heading out there tomorrow to check it out

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