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Before I go into my subject matter let me say that this is my blog to write what I want, when I want and how I want.I reserve the right to be as opinionated,frank and even as downright silly as I choose. Finally, if my posts are not your world view then simply lose the address. Clear enough?

Now onto my topic of Homosexuality:

This is one word that is guaranteed to incite passionate arguments in any gathering. For most Caribbean people homosexuals are the scum of the earth and should be exterminated or ostracised. Homophobia is alive and well and manifests itself in various ways. Where for example do people get the idea that homosexual men are any more likely to be sexual predators of the young than heterosexual men? I would think that studies which show that cases of child molestation and incest by heteros which out number similar cases by homosexuals would have put that myth to rest by now.

In condemnation of homosexuals most people would quote scriptures but I always find it to be a bit hypocritical seeing that the same scriptures are equally condemnatory of many practices that we engage in without batting an eyelid. Yet we are able to justify and rationalise our actions on the pretext that our sins are lesser as after all we are men and women who were ordained for each other. Of course we ignore that the same Bible we quote expresses conditions under which the sex act should be performed. Others are simply repulsed at the thought of men being sexually attracted to men instead of the softer female. This I suppose is the moral viewpoint.

I adopt the live and let live theory because I realise it takes all kinds to make up a world.Our differences are vast ranging from our political view point, our race, our religion and the trick here is for all of us to coexist while respecting the other's right to be different. So that excludes for me gay bashing and random acts of physical violence. For the life of me I cannot see why a man would willingly choose a lifestyle that means he is going to be ostracised, ridiculed and looked upon with scorn.It kind of makes me want to give some credence to the "it is not a choice" theory. Despite the upswing in gay rights homosexuality is still not the norm and when people deviate from the norm they face a lot more opposition.I tend to believe that for a significant majority it was a struggle to come to terms with their sexuality. I don't think it is by accident that men try to cover up their true sexuality and in many cases go through the pretence of being heterosexual(had a friend admit to me that he was tired of living a lie).

Let me say that am not suggesting that people necessarily approve of the lifestyle but instead open their minds to allow tolerance. Hate the act if you must but realise the person is as much a human being as you are.People of other persuasions have their contribution to make and should be allowed to do so.

i attribute the hate and intolerance for gay people solely on the "church". who had made it a personal crusade to control control control everyones lives ..

church - meaning church authorities of organized religions.
I had this argument about homosexuality once with a friend. Her point of view is that human beings do every they can to procreate and make sure that there is a next generation.

The basis of all we do is this one thing. We instinctively do away with things that endanger the continuation of ourselves. Homosexuality is one of those practices that endanger human kind.

That is why homosexuality is detested and something that is discouraged. So that less ppl will go into it therefore not jeopadizing the continuation of human kind. It is not a moral matter she said but one of survival.

Interesting perspective but I eh buying it. Tis one ot sell.
yeah, yeah.
k...i hear you. i agree with all the stuff on homosexuality and in that our viewpoints are really similar. but i disagree with the first part - your disclaimer/statement of intent. more precisely i diasgree with this "I reserve the right to be as opinionated...."

i think that no one should feel comfortable reserving the right to be opinionated because it is the same type of "opiionatedness" that prevents bigots from opening their "minds to allow tolerance." by definition to be opinionated is at one and the same time to be intolerant, and bigoted. opinionatedness makes it possible for otherwise decent folk to beat and even kill homosexuals.

i can see u saying "he has overstated the point" - but i think most people would believe that its a small step from opionated to bigotry. and so the subject matter of your post and the disclaimer are in my mind contradictory.

my world view may not be your world view and vice versa but i still believe we all got something to learn from each others experience, thats why i read this and other blogs, books, papers etc.

i know, i know, i am a smartarse, but i really cant help it. im so sorry to be posting anonymously. i just dont seem to be able work the thingy. but lest there be any doubt as to who anon is....let me just say.....

Short answer we are all opinionated in some ways.If not we would never be able to stand up and defend what we believe. Case in point I have a friend here telling me am too gay sympathetic.So I hold my stance,he hold his anti gay stance.We argue, we leave..story done.
i fail to connect a relationship between two consenting adults as a danger to mankind.
we are all in the hatrix. what pill do you swallow?! the red one or the blue one?

On the real though I think there is a call for arguing on the virtues of free of expression. In london here man like beenieman, vybz cartel etc are getting targetted by the gay rights groups banning them from performing and appearing in events. I think this is not fair.

Freedom of speech is not absolute. It does not give you the right to shout 'fire!' in a crowded theatre. It does not give you the right to commit sedition. It does not give you the right to promote child pornography. And, in some countries such as Austria and Germany, it does not give you the right to deny the existence of the Holocaust. It does not give you the right to commit public mischief. Hence, as in the case of Beenie Man and Vybz Kartel, it does not give you the right to advocate the brutal murder of gay men.
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