Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Whitewash on the horizon

If England wins the 4th test they would have joined Sa,Pak,Nz,Oz and Lanka as the teams who have accomplished this feat over the West Indies since 1997. Pakistan has the distinction of being the only one in the group to have administered the whitewash twice. I think the smart money will be riding on the English team as they have recorded six wins in their last seven games against the West Indies. Their confidence level is therefore quite high and with the series all sewn up they have nothing to lose.

West Indies had their best chance of saving the third test when a full day's play was abandoned due to rain. Indeed,the West Indians had their noses ahead of the English for most of the game until it all went awry in the second innings and the familiar collapse followed. It was probably too big an ask to expect the English to be knocked over for less than 231 and they went on to duly record an emphatic win.

So off to the Oval we go hoping to salvage some pride but the forecast looks bleak

Salvage Pride??? Maaaan pride left West Indies cricket the day that jackass name Brian Lara was shoved back into the captaincy at the expense of Carl Hooper. I'm not a spiritual or religious person but when I think of Lara's captaincy I think of Karma. Lara is getting exactly what he deserves but unfortunately it is at the expense of West Indies cricket.

I remember in 1994 the happiness and sheer joy his record 375 brought to all West Indians but I can't say those emotions were the same for his 400. For me, that innings epitomized the selfishness and individualism which is now the hallmark of West Indies cricket.

Avoiding the whitewash will not bring back pride to West Indies cricket; it will only serve to prolong Lara's captaincy and the status quo.


P.S. Sorry to bring such negativity and cynicism to your blogg Kami, but believe me it’s from a West Indian who has had enough of this bullsh*t. Sigh....I'm glad I got this off my back (smile).
I've got to agree with Snoop. There is no pride left in windies cricket. The players have a defeatist attitude and the Captain is not a motivator. The team is not talentless but they are young and inconsistent and they need to be motivated to perform and they need to learn professionalism.

I believe they will actually draw or win the last test as they seem to perform better once the series is already decided. So they may save the whitewash but the pride has long ago deserted us.
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