Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Tom Cruise and St Vincent

Will the Tourism Minister please get over the fact that Cruise did not go to Dimanche Gras and by extension endorse Vincy Mas! Seems like everytime we turn on the radio or tv we see her beating this tired line. What makes it even worse in her eyes is that Cruise endorsed Crop over..So big deal!

Apparently, Mr Cruise was on his way to Dimanche Gras when the taxi driver made a comment about the cruise ship he came in on. So, Mr Cruise turned around and went back to his cabin. While, I agree that hospitality workers must be sensitive when dealing with tourists I find all the talk overdone. I can't help but ask myself why would Cruise even be going to Dimanche Gras? Miss Baptiste would be well advised to look at that show and get the CDC to put out a better organised event. Disappointments are for good because I somehow can't see Cruise endorsing Vincy Mas after watching that long drawn out boring show.

Ms Baptiste gone come looking for you! Wha you gonna do when she comes for you? [laffing]
I will tell her learn to handle constructive criticism and remind her tha rich and famous people not new to our shores(smile)
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epitome* not epitomy!

Tom was bigging up Crop Over? LOL!! Man wunna small islands always getting left out, don't mind though, Johnny Depp shooting fuh Pirates 2 in SVG one more time!!
I ain't really know wuh all dat is about since i don't live in SVG but what i can say is that Tom Cruise is a class act, Tom is the epitome of cool, from head to toe, pure class; that tourism minister sounds like she ain't getting any lolo in she private area; she probably jealous that Tom ain't pay she any mind!!
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