Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Things that make you go hmmmmm

This morning on my way to Kingstown I heard there was some excitement at the Kingstown Cemetery on Saturday evening. Would you believe that the coffin apparently split and the corpse came tumbling out ! I heard there was a mass exodus from the cemetery as people quickly fled. I don't think I would have run if I were at that funeral..but then am a kinda morbid person when am ready. Anyways they took the body back to the funeral home for a new coffin. The story making the rounds is that the deceased had said that he wanted to be buried in his hometown and because his wishes were not obeyed he decided to protest:) Well, the first part is true.

Item no 2. At prayer meeting in church a lady's prayer request was for Brooke. Who Brooke you ask ? None other than Brooke Logan of the Bold and Beautiful. Ok now you have heard it all and in the words of my friend "people really dark yes". As for me I dunno if to laugh or cry

I remember when I was small people in bim used to be addicted bad to days of our lives. used to act like it was real life going on getting all excited about what happen to the characters and such.
LOL....dem running from dead man??....de dead cyah do u nuttin...is de living u hadda fraid
LOL!!!! Tek a bow Kami, this is the funniest blog yet. Yuh sure the dead man wasn't Guyanese??? I'm sure he realized that heaven and hell was just a crock and decided to "expose" it before all the believers. LOL

Lol..100% Vincy.
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