Thursday, August 12, 2004



If you are female and anything like me then that sound is one the most annoying in the world. Picture walking down the street and a bunch of guys suddenly sounding as if they losing air. Then they also have this annoying way of addressing you as smallie, darkie,baby or some other words that they think are so endearing. Or in some cases they indulge in the crotch grabbing rituals complete with gyrations and wolf whistles.

Personally, I don't find it flattering. I have a name and if you don't know it a simple hello will do.I also don't like the references to my body by a bunch of strangers sitting on some sidewalk.Do they really think that they will score by telling me my breasts look so good and what they will do for me in bed? Take it from me that is so much of a turn off

I wish to make a few things plain to my"brothers". I look good and I know it. Mirrors are not exactly a new invention. No, am not bragging just pointing out that I don't need you to tell me that when your objective is to get me in your bed. It won't work,try another line.

I reserve the right to decide whether or not am going to acknowledge you. So, if I respond to a hello its not open season but merely manners. On the other hand if I don't respond it does not make me a bitch or give you a license to tell me all about my conception,birth and things my mother don't even know about herself. Grow up guys!

In short, if you really want to capture my attention cut out the lewd comments. Its guaranteed to get you nowhere fast. I would much prefer to be treated with respect and capable of relating to you on a level that is beyond the sexual references.

Teenage boys have been doing that from before you were born.I suspect that your daughter will have that done to her 30 years from now.
Its the grown men that annoying with it cos by then they should have left the teenage behaviour behind
Gyul, I know exactly what you mean. These so called adults, and even teenagers, always making sexual references about my buttocks, chest and my beautiful face. Always wanting sex, more more more, like I'm just a piece of meat, always having to fend them off with a stick. Well I too have had enough.

BTW, Hello Kami, yuh looking real sexy as usual.
psssssssstttt smallie....darkie....

yuh have some nice bubbies dey how yuh batty rolling.........mmmmmmm
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