Friday, August 13, 2004


Off to Athens we go

Summer Olympics begin today and while am looking forward to it am also adopting a somewhat cynical view. The thing is with all the stories of doping floating around it makes one wonder who is clean. When an athlete mounts the winners podium I know in the back of my head questions will be swirling as to whether or not it was a legal win.

The lure for using banned substances is becoming increasingly stronger and perhaps understandable. The bottom line is that there is considerable fame and fortune attached to those who finish first. Can we really say that given an opportunity to gain a competitve edge that most won't? In today's world I would say most would.

Cheating has almost become a way of life. Just turn on the tv and we get bombarded with the Martha Stewarts and the Enrons. The story is bigger than just some athletes cheating. Unfortunately, it seems as if it is fast becoming a part of our culture.

Anyway, good luck to the Cuban Olympic team, Natasha Mayers of SVG and all the other athletes taking part in the event.

I say let them all cheat. We all know that 98% of these athletes were doped up at some point in time so whats the point of having them 'clean' for 4 weeks at the Olympics? The ones who are caught are really no different from the rest; they were just unlucky or stupid.

If the IOC really wants to crack down on illegal drug use they should implement a policy of periodically testing athletes as soon as they have qualified to represent their country at the Olympics. These test should be done at 1 or 2 month intervals up towards the Olympics.

But hey that's just my view. Maaan I can't wait to see the next batch of the Russian women's gymnastics team; because I really enjoy gymnastics of course.

Yup,Yup..bring on the gymnasts.
After we paid for our kids summer camp maine we found it tough to recover! I totally agree with you!
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