Saturday, August 21, 2004


More Olympics

My girl Lauryn Williams did great today. Youngest medalist since 1972 in the event. Its a pity she couldn't win the gold but I can live with the silver. There is just something about her that captured my attention from the time I saw her in the US trials. I thought she was one to watch in the Olympics and she did not disappoint. She is such a bubbly character..can't help rooting for her.

One thing though this Olympics has had its share of upsets thus far. Can't believe Stacy Dragila miss out of the pole vault finals and that US basketball team is more like a nightmare than a dream team. Tomorrow I have a feeling Mo Greene may not even medal and what a surprise that will be if he fails given all the pre race hype. Ah well,tomorrow is another day.

I am really shocked at the American Basketball team. I didnt expect them to be spectacular but 2 losses already wow!
Did you see Asafa Powell yesterday. That was an amazing race. The speeds these guys are running are unbelievable.
Yeah I saw it..pretty amazing stuff.Powell slowed down and Crawford ran but you could see he was not pushed and yet they registered those times.Keep your eye on Portugal runner too and I guess we can look out for a record breaking run if everything goes well
Well the Olympics have officially ended for me at the sad demise of Canadian hurdler Perdita Felicien. She was the favourite for gold in this event but she fell in the final race and the whole of Canada is in mourning. I tried rass of hearing the American and Chinese anthems!!
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