Saturday, August 28, 2004


Lyttle makes it Big

I forgot to enter that Kevin Lyttle got red carpet welcome when he flew into Vincyland on Sunday.Hundreds of people were lining the fence outside the airport and on the balcony to welcome him home.(I will post some pictures next week). Then Monday night was cocktail at the PM's residence. I gather it was open invitation....not sure though.

So this weekend all the newspapers filled with Kevin, his sidekick Spragga Benz and his adoring fans. For the record Kevin sounds more Jamaican than Spragga yet he supposedly keeping it real. But I digress:). Apparently, Turn me on gone platinum and the self titled album gone gold.

According to my friend J there are some rumblings in the Trinidad media over Kevin's King of Soca title. I can understand where they coming from as Tnt is the soca mecca and they have produced the greats. But, for this one little moment its Kevin's time in the spotlight.

yea I got a problem with that King of Soca title too since he's gotten it based on one song. I think you need to have a body of work in order to get a title.

and that song is old man. I saw him perform it here in 2001 before he started remixing it and hard to believe that its still going strong.

For the record though I saw him on 106 and Park a few weeks ago and he was very well spoken, promoted his island well and gave props to Beckett so I have to respect him for that.
Actually I was just talking to someone who said Turn me on is even big in Malaysia. way to go!
Some time last week me and some friends were checking Kevin website and the man got some serious groupies in Singapore etc cussing out one another real stink.The song real old was out Carnival 2001.I didn't see his interview on BET but from all reports he promoted the Cbean and SVG well
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