Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Lemme tell you about Beauty

Does it really make life easier? I think not and Halle just backed me up

hush u mout....pretty ppl just hadda show a lil skin and dem getting wha dey want...ugly ppl like me now...sighhhhhhhh
Well,there is no denying it gets you noticed. But,I know that good looks do not guarantee a happily ever after life.It takes much more than that and pretty face alone not cutting it
Yes it sure does get you noticed and through the door at least...Lots of good looking ppl get away wid a lot of shit just b/c they are nice looking.

It is like money...ppl who have it or have had it say it can't buy you happiness...well being rich and unhappy aint half as bad as being poor and unhappy, ent?

Halle did not lie though; beauty alone will not do and like money it does not protect the possessor from the pitfalls of life.

Saw the Biography of Christine(?) Onasis.. the heir of Onasis Empire and girl chile was one messed up woman...unhappy for all her adult yrs ..she died at 37 just when she was finally getting her life together...died from a heart attack brought on by dieting and drug use in her earlier yrs....She never found love except late with her 4 yr old daughter who she left behind. Pitiful really.
I agree. And these men who go crazy just for a lil beauty, before they find that nothing much is between the ears..

anyway, it's nice to FEEL attractive.
So Kam would you trade your good looks?
Good question Anonymous! Would Halle trade her good looks for lets say a happy life?
It all depends on what am getting in return.But,I consider the looks as the icing on the cake.
Would an ugly person trade happiness or success in their lives to be beautiful?
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