Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Kevin Lyttle

Turn me on is creating waves in the US. Would you believe this song is three years old? It just refuses to die. Its been an exciting journey for Kevin thus far. I remember him,Sean and Addie as members of Suede a group they formed in Grammar school. Those concerts were quite the highlights of our lives as GHS students. Kevin was not even the best singer of that crew but he is the one out there making a name.Nuff respect bro. Read more

Congrats Kevin


A question on for Kevin: Why does he appear to use the Grenada flag in is video instead of the Vincy flag? Was that a producer mix -up?

Yah saw Kevin on Regis morning show one day...he came across well and was very confident in small interview.
The first time I saw that video I did not see any Vincy flags.Second time I looked at it I picked out one and that's because I was looking.It is definitely not prominently featured.
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