Monday, August 09, 2004



We love them with that compulsory family love. But, geeze they can irritate the hell outta of u! The bad thing about being first born is you are expected to set an example for the younger ones. Kinda strange when you barely older than them. But that's family logic at work. There's my brother who is just 2 yrs younger than I am but he acts as if he is my senior by about 12 years. About 6 weeks ago someone told him am pregnant and instead of even asking if it was true he proceeded to go into a lecture detailing how stupid I am etc etc. The thing with family is that they know all your mistakes and weaknesses and they never let you forget them. So, you may be at a function and your mother or someone will make a reference to something Kami did 7 years ago. Annoying isn't it? They make no allowances for the fact that you might have sirree!

Anyway on Sunday I had my cousins over and these kids were all over everything. Mind you they are teens! I simply adore the middle one but sad to say the older one irritates me. Anyway the good part is they eventually go home and you get to enjoy your peace, blessed peace.

Kami girl this is one of the best posts i've ever read from you, whether it be on CC or anyother MB!!

You're bang on here; i don't know about that compulsory family love though, for me family is my father, mother, and sister; i don't have a problem telling everyone else to fu#k off!!

What i really can't stand is the fact that everyone knows your business, i really don't see why uncle's, aunt's, and cousins have any right to know my business! Especially in my family where no one has anything constructive or significan to contribute! M
Yeah,and ain't it annoying the way you are expected to please everybody. Sure, they mean well and thing but still a little space to make your own decisions is nice too. The thing with family too is that because they know your weaknesses they don't fail to exploit them at all.Anyway when the chips are down most times they will bail you..well at least one or two of them will
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