Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Elian Gonzales

Ever wondered how Elian is doing? Well,if you were tuned into NBC's Dateline on Sunday night you would have had a tiny glimpse into his life.Its been 4 years since Elian left Miami and the constant media attention/circus.Life sure is not that "normal"...how many Cuban kids have El Comandante show up at their birthday party? We did not hear him speak(apparently Elian refused) but we saw a tape done by his father.

Anyway,he appears to be a healthy,happy 10 yr old enjoying his family life as much as is possible under the circumstances.According to daddy the world is not going to get another look at Elian for another 10 years. Good luck Elian and God bless.


Well Elian may well have a free pass to the US in the future when he is an adult but the question is will the Cuban Gov't allow him to leave?
He can use his familiar route. But seriously,if the current system is still operating in 8 years time I doubt Elian will be allowed to leave.
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