Saturday, August 14, 2004



It is always hard losing a loved one. No matter how old they were,the fact is that they are just not going to be there anymore.It is just intolerably painful. You think you could die without that person in the beginning. The thing is you have lost all that is familiar, all that matters, everything that really counts. You would have lost the person who knows so many things about you like the way you laugh,how you cry,your worst fears etc. Suddenly, all that is taken from you and you really do feel at the moment as if no one will ever understand again.

Dev, take heart in knowing that your Granny lived a full life. I know it was hard watching her suffer but the consolation is that now she is free from pain. I am going to tell you that your sadness is not going to last forever.You don't have to believe it now or even agree with me but just keep it tucked away until you are ready for it. Finally, remember we got your back.

yeah man try to take yuh mind off of it and ting...go punark hunting or something....
I just saw a thread on CC about the passing of Dev's Grand Mother. Very sorry to hear this bro but keep strong, and even though this may seem hard, try to remember the good times.

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