Monday, August 23, 2004


CXC Results

Only one of my students passed Maths.Depressing isn't it? None of my fifth formers made it and my only pass was a 4th former I thought could succeed. That's the only bright spot because the other teachers thought it was a crazy thing to do. But, all the extra attention paid off so at least I feel good about that.

But the fifth formers were awful or is it me who is at fault? Well my school does not get the cream of the crop ..more like the bottom of the barrel but these students did not even pass the Basic Proficiency. I knew I was up against it when I saw the math skill or lack of it but still how does one get a Basic 6? I did not even know those numbers existed...sigh

So, do I quit or do like Lara and say I leave the decision up to my employers? Just kidding but I feel blue about it. Suggestions anyone?

Don't drop it...Everything is going to be okay...I'll keep you posted
Kami gyul don't tek worries. Its obvious that these students aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed and to top it all off they have a bad teacher (just kidding). But take it from me, a lifetiem member of the Math Dunces Union, that most of these kids will end up in law school. You see, one of the redeeming qualities of being a math dunce is the ability to lie and weasle your way out of trouble.

But seriously, its been proven that certain individuals will have trouble conceptualizing abstract concepts, particularly algebra, if they are not thought the basics from a very early age. Its the excuse I've used for nearly 10 years now!!!

Well thats sad and I understand why you're feeling blue but once you've given your best you really shouldnt feel its your fault.

The kids have to do their part as well.
tell dem stop watching u bottom and focus on dey damn work!!!!!
I would mek d students sleep wid me in order for them to receive a passing grade!

Imagine all d pokey i would get? Is best i go and teach some rinkidink subject back home in Barbados, all d students gon be failing and i gon be offering d girls sex in exchange for a passing mark!

Lord have mercy. I fail that bout 3 times.

Didnt stop me from going on with me studies and ended doing sales and being very successful at it.

Always had a problem with it and always will
Maths is something that you have to work at all the time so if people realize that they failing all the time why the hell you don't wake up and smell the flicking coffee and start doing some work. All you people do is complain!
Of course you have to work at it al the time.And who's complaining? Its a natural reaction after putting in hours of work far beyond school time and reaping little success.Tell it to the children as it is most definitely a two way thing.
From what I'm hearing your doing an excellent job. The students just don't want to learn. This where you bring maths into the real world. Maths and the hours of television. Maths and the ratio of many girls to boys in terms of coupling off. Get creative.

I am 17 and I just received my CXC results. I was never cocidered 'bright' or intelligent.
I went to a school, like yours which is looked down upon, by the society, as a 'no good','waste of time institution.
As a student I never allowed cicumstances or my situation to hinder my development.
I always persisted and tried in the midst of all the discrimination .
My Primary School teacher said that I was extreamly weak in Math.

I got four distictions(one of them was Math);three 1's and a 2.

Don't give up.
the worst thing is for students to see thier teacher as being a weak, coward.
congrats Anon from Trini!Proud of ya
hi, i am trying to find someone who can help me get a hold of my CXC results from back in 1992.
I graduated from Herbert Morrison high in Jamiaca.where and who can i contact for it.

desperate to start nursing career.
you can contact the school and ask for a copy.Or write The Registrar,Caribbean examinations Council,Barbados.Hope it helps
home girl dont feel bad at all iz dem fuckin lil chirren who so flickin stupid...u tried n do al u cld i wrote n i got all my sublects i got 6 distinctions and 2 ones so yeh..i did well lol..wel girl bless
I know this is like two years ago, but in case you still use this blog, let me give you some advice, one teacher to another. Its been my experience that students who do badly in Math, lack basic concepts from since even the Primary school. Now I am not suggesting that you go back to the teaching of long division (although it would not hurt in some cases) you could give your students a diagnostic test to see where their weaknesses are and work with them where they are at. The only unfortunate thing is that, they may not be ready by next year or it may mean you have to give extra classes to help them catch up. Labours of love,but you'll receive the blessings.
I know this is like two years ago, but in case you still use this blog, let me give you some advice, one teacher to another. Its been my experience that students who do badly in Math, lack basic concepts from since even the Primary school. Now I am not suggesting that you go back to the teaching of long division (although it would not hurt in some cases) you could give your students a diagnostic test to see where their weaknesses are and work with them where they are at. The only unfortunate thing is that, they may not be ready by next year or it may mean you have to give extra classes to help them catch up. Labours of love,but you'll receive the blessings.
hey im now awaiting my cxc resluts from june im very nervous.I just find it sad that a students entire future is depending on one exam.The funny thing is that even if you pass every subject an fail either math or english you still do not have a chance of going to college. is this right? now that im thinking about it i would rather get all 3's than to fail math or english. right now i am praying to god for a 3 in math.The way i see it a 3 is just the same as a 1 or a 2 beacuse you end up in the same place with the students who got the high grades and if i dont get a 3 i feel like my entire life will end.
I am also awaiting my CXC results from june 2007, i really want to get all 1's soooooo bad an an A in add math i hope an pray for the best.
in 2006 i recived two passes out of 6 and there was one particular subject i worked very had for, did not get the results of, and today i am still awaithing result, whats happening? that is "TD" i want to further it but i Can't!
Hey, I am a 16 year old jamaican student who is awaiting her 2007 cxc results. To tell you the truth.... I know i haven't passed math. People might be saying that i'm lazy and have no ambition but I do. It's not that I had no interest in the subject or that the teachers who i've had can't teach, it's because of what other people who have left comments are saying; lack of basic knowledge of the subject. People often tell me that if i know my 'down fall' why don't i fix the problem. I'v tried and tried. My past teachers knew and tried to help me alot, i studied and Studied but it still didn't help. Don't Blame yourself for your students not passing if you know you've done your job to the best of your ability and don't blame the student if you've seen that they've really and truly tried; but if the student has given up, don't curse him out becuase probably all that student need is some encouragement. If you and the student work together but still the result is not what you wanted....... blame the teacher who did not teach the student the basics and praise yourself for still helping the child to gain some of the knowledge he or she was denied earlier on. *This applies to all subjects and not only maths*
Trust me, there are some students whose heads are just made out of concrete.. I teach I.T. and trust me there are some students whose parents I could kick for wasting their time and coming out with the lil geniuses that I have the "pleasure" of dealing with..
What is worse is that you put in extra time and some of them still don't give a damn.. one gave me a nice fat 5 for my effort.

I guess he only got his name right.
i'm also awaiting my cxc results, i did 8 subjects n i feel 1s and 2s ish in about 5 of them but the other 3 i knw i'm not passing and as 4 math pssssssk oh well life goes on there are alot of people out there who did cxc math n haven't passed n r top executives n wat not so y must i or n e 1 else beat myself over it noo i'm not being naive i'm being realistic. there is life after cxc and i knw personally that i won't let 1 exam determine who n wat i become in the future.
im in jamaica and i am just going to sit cxc in 2008 but i find myself not ready or not confident enough to pass. can anyone hint me on any specific strategy or work attitude. tanx
hey..working on past papers help as it gives a glimpse into the way the papers are structured.Apart from that you just have to work out how you gonna prepare i.e time put aside for revising etc
This comment is directed to "bushcoolie" ... about the comment he made about Barbadian school girls, i find it verrrrry disrturbing and untrue, for i am a Foundation School student and at the age of 15 i am proudly sitting 5 CXC'S at general level, so i kindly suggest you becareful what you are saying to these other Caribbean students and teachers, beacause it has given and will continue to give the Barbadian schools a bad reputation.
Foundation Student.
I'm from Jamaica...
In june 07 i took 12 subjects... 11 cxcs and ABRSM theory of music (level 3)... i didnt do as badly as i had thought i would. i thought it was luck that brought me the success...
I got 7 distinctions out of that 12 (Eng A, Eng B, IT, Geo, HSB, Caribbean Hist, and Music)... 3 twos (bio, chem and phys)... and a 3 in spanish...
Wasn't easy, but i did it...
I honestly thought i was gonna fail everything... but i was told that i shud jus relax, review my stuff and when i go into the exam i should just do my best... i guess that was my best. many of you, like myself, were/are prolly stressed... but i tried to focus and it turns out the subjects that i didint think i wud do well in were my best. i speak of math, english b, history and geo... i found them all to be challenging... but, with a little faith and patience, i conquered them. You all can too!
And as for Abeni, you tried with those kids in your class. It isnt your fault. My math teacher tried with us too, but in out case, some kids jus needed alot alot alot more attention... so our school had a week long math seminar... it paid off, even for me! maybe you should try it... i think it'll work...
well i am from Trinidad,
to me there are people who can either be excellent in Manths ie they are made for maths or people who are made for english, i saw this espically for CXC 2008 june examinations with people coming out with a distinction in english and a three or four in math and vice versa. for me, i am excellent in math, in january i got a distinction in math and a three in english, my question is if i fail english in june can I USE MY JANUARY GRADE to get in to do A-level cause the feild i am going into does not concern english. CAN SOMEONE PLZ ANSWER THIS QUESTION???
Yes,you can use your earlier results. Nothing can change that you passed it
People am a JAMAICAN and i took nine subjects and ave been avin dreams of only passin 7 however i was cryin terrible of not passin English which i took last year n failed am terrified can any1 responed back 2me
Don't worry yourself my dear. Just keep an optimistic outlook and deal with the results when they come
I am from Jamaica and i came across this website when went surfing to find out the date when my cape results would be released. I really hope that i did well as i heard that these 2008 results were extremely bad. Oh, why did that person leave that profane remark, it is most distasteful.
Your Cape results will come out on the 11th of this month which is monday coming.
Does That Include Trinidad Results as our exams were postponned ----> ANd how long does it take for these results to be distributed to the exam centres?

Should we get them before thursday 14th Aug ???
hey all,

well just a month ago i was the one who wrote to this blog scared to death of failing english, well believe it or not i actually got a 1 in it together with 6 distinctions and a B in additional mathematics. For anyone who is or will be ever scared of failing any subject, my advice is PRAY and always have hope, God always answers yr prayers.

Dennis Ramsawak
Trinidad and Tobago (2008)
Hey I am over thirty but less than 35 and still perusing my cxc in two years i have 4 so ladies and gentlemen out their, don't worry thier is hope for you still 1, 2x2 and a 3 and i am very proud.
I can relate to this post, though I have only skimmed the comments.

I teach English at a "newly up-graded high school", a Jamaican euphemism for "a school where it is hoped that a name change will some how improve performance". Sometimes I feel as if my talent is wasted here. But having spent 8 years here and having seen quite a number of the children do well and go on to become productive citizens (a small number actually become professionals), I do feel a sense of achievement. I know that I contibuted to what these young people have become.

I've learnt not to evaluate my work on the basis of CXC passes. I judge my work based on the value I added to the students I influenced.
cxc a fukry ya man a so mi see it. di rass teacha dem a go roun an fuk up ppl sba. dats y man fail physics an accounts. a cxc dem self fi mark sba an not teachers. cuz rite ya now if a teacher dont like a bone inna u dem ago fuk up ur sba nuh matter how good it did be. a dat mi accounts teacha do to me. dats y mi fail dat an him deh deh a laugh afta mi ya now.
well i would advise you to get another occupation because your of no use to your students if cant atleast teach them to past basic maths i'm of the veiw you are not a good teacher.
Oh.. assess their mistakes and shortcomings and use it as an advantage for subsequent years of examination practise...Math is aalll abt practise, practise, practise.Anyways all the best as you tackle challenges!.Shame on all those commentors who hav left sexual derogatory comments...U need to be reformed.
geeez c.x.c for 2010 june is almost over for me!!!BUT i'm feelin very pressured since all my teachers are expectin me to get ALL 1's. I'm just feelin as if i'm only gonna get 2's!!!!!!
Pleasant Post. This enter helped me in my school assignment. Thanks Alot
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